Druid Arena Run #2


Decklist Decklist 2

Warrior (Loss) 0-1

Shaman (Win) 1-1

Crazed Alchemist on his Healing Totem. Had Shieldmasta on the field with 2 other minions, he summoned his own Shieldmasta. Next turn I dropped Ancient Mage followed by Wrath for 5 damage. Ended the game with a really huge turn bringing him down from 19 with a combo of Savage Roar and Power of the Wild.

Power of Wild+Savage Roar

Mage (Win) 2-1

Slow plusses from Keeper of the Grove and Stormpike Commando. Finished him off with a Charge from Druid of the Claw.

Hunter (Win) 3-1

Disconnected from this game, but I was saved by the Re-Connection Feature! Thanks Blizzard! Managed to rush him down with mainly 2 drops like 2x Bloodfen Raptor. He only had an Ironbeak Owl on the field for the whole game. Swipe to the face FTW.

Rogue (Win) 4-1

He was left with 6 Health, so I just went Bluegill Warrior and Savage Roar and he conceded.

Blue Gill + Savage Roar FTW

Druid (Loss) 4-2

He did a Violet Teacher into double Power of the Wild Combo which was very good, combined with his Demolisher which kept going for my face, I was beaten quite easily.

Mage (Win) 5-2

Made an early mistake of using my Crazed Alchemist on my Young Priestess before attacking rather than attacking with her first. Small mistake, but still a misplay nonetheless. Won with a combo of Bluegill Warrior, Savage Roar, Power of the Wild and Claw.

Bluegill and friends

Mage (Loss) 6-3

Did a cool combo by pumping my Venture Co. Mercenary up to 10/3 with Power of the Wild and Savage Roar, then swapped its stats with Crazed Alchemist. Still lost out in the end though.

Result: 53

Rewards: 115 Gold, 1 Pack (Gorehowl and Mortal Strike, not too bad)

Thoughts on the deck: The deck is average, doesn’t have too much removal which contradicts with Ancient Mage (Forced pick)(though in the second game I managed to go Ancient Mage and Wrath for 5 on his Shielmasta)

Bluegill Warrior put in quite a lot of work too, especially when used in conjuction with Savage Roar (Which I somehow managed to draw almost every game)

The deck has quite a lot of 2 drops, which means it has a very good early game, but other than that it doesn’t do that well in the late game. Double Chillwind Yeti is nice too.

*Non-game related stuff*

I added some colours for this post, hopefully making it easier to read. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it, I’ll see how the response is. (It took me like nearly 5 minutes to bold and colour the words)

Thanks for reading!


Paladin Arena Run #1

Decklist 1 Decklist 2



Mage (Win)

Mage (Win)

Mage (Win)

Paladin (Win)

Mage (Win)

Druid (Win)

Mage (Loss)

Mage (Loss)

Paladin (Win)

Mage (Win)

Druid (Loss)


6- Early game rushdown with double Divine Shield combined with a Stormwind Champion and Avenging Wrath to finish off the game.

8- Managed to get off a 8/3 Flesheating Ghoul with Defender and some other cards, which he Arcanite Reapered intolfinished it off with an Avenging Wrath

9- Hit him with a 8 ATK Flesheating Ghoul early on, it went on to become a 16/1 but got silenced by his topdecked Ironbeak Owl. End off with a Humilty and Avenging Wrath finisher on his Owl and Yeti.

11- Didn’t mange to get many high Health minions but managed to trade off quite well with him. Lost out in the end to double Swipes.

Result: 8-3

Rewards: 215 Gold, 1 Expert Pack (Managed to get a Golden Sunwalker/Secretkeeper and another Golden Common which I forgot, so not too bad)

Post run thoughts:

The deck did much better than I expected, it didn’t have a lot of good removal but it had a high amount of low Mana creatures. This allowed me to rush my opponent’s down most of the time, securing me a really good early game.

The Argent Protectors did really well for me, allowing me to get great value from many of my minions (especially Flesheating Ghoul and Questing Adventurer)

Flesheating Ghouls did quite well especially when I have 2 Noble Sacrifices to protect and pump them up at the same time.

Speaking of Noble Sacrifices, they helped me protect my 2 drops after I set them on the first turn. This allowed me to play more aggressively in the early game.

The Avenging Wrath put in tons of work, usually allowing me to end the games earlier or get rid of big creatures. Having synergy with both Humility and Equality helped out too.

The only thing that I disliked quite a lot from this deck is the Coldlight Oracle, but I was forced to pick it because the other options were even worse (including an Angry Chicken).

Faced quite a lot of Mages today, but I did well against them because I was usually able to nearly finish them off before they reached that critical Turn 7 for Flamestrike.

Thats all for today! Heres a picture of my 16/2 Flesheating Ghoul!



Hearthstone Blog

Link: LaurenHearthStone.wordpress.com

I’m starting up a new blog to record my experiences while playing Hearthstone. I used to play in the American server while in Beta, but now I’m starting up all over again with the Asia server.

I’ll be grinding through Arena for a while until I am able to build a decent enough deck that will allow me to compete in Ranked Play.


Just finished grinding through the tutorial and unlocking all the Heroes with the Mage deck.

Going for my first free Arena run soon.

September 2013 Banlist Prediction




Mecha Phantom Beast Draccossack

Number 11: Big Eye

Evilswarm Ophion

Super Rejuvenation

Spellbook Judgment Day

Atlantean Dragoons

Glow-Up Bulb


Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

Spellbook of Secrets

Fire Formation – Tenki

Lonefire Blossom



Thunder King Rai-Oh


Advanced Ritual Art




Mecha Phantom Beast Draccossack

Honestly, Draccosack is the main problem that makes Elemental Dragons overpower the other decks so much. Other than E-Dragons, Prophecy and maybe Constellar, most decks don’t have a reliable out to this card. Even if they manage to get rid of the first one, E-Dragons can just makes another and not many decks can handle two Draccosacks.

Some players might call for it to be banned, however I think it isn’t that bad at 1. Furthermore, the deck that it was originally created for (Mecha Phantom Beasts) hasn’t done much yet, so I don’t expect Konami to hit it that hard.

Number 11: Big Eye

Snatch Steal was banned for a reason, and this card does exactly what Snatch Steal does except much more consistently in E-Dragons. Having your monsters stolen is not fun.

Evilswarm Ophion

Evilswarms are not doing as well as E-Dragons or Prophecy right now, however Ophion will still be a huge threat in the future, especially with Konami trying to push for Synchros to get back into the game.

Hitting it to 1 is similar to what was done to Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En in the past, you have an extremely powerful boss monster which can protect itself from other threats (Shi En’s Negation and Replacement Effects and Ophions ability to search out Infestation Pandemic as well as its Special Summoning Restriction). But once your opponent finally gets rid of the first copy, you can’t bring another one out.

Super Rejuvenation

Main problem card in E-Dragons, they can Special Summon all they want, but as long as they don’t have any protection it isn’t too bad. However, with Super Rejuvenation, Dragons can establish a powerful field presence with cards like Draccosack and be able to draw into more protection in the form of handtraps during the End Phase.

Also, with just 1 Super Rejuvenation, Dragon Exodia loses a lot of its power, especially since it usually wins with at least 2 Super Rejuvenation activations, with the second one being drawn from the first.

Spellbook Judgment Day

To be honest, Judgment Day is one of the most broken cards created in years. Hitting it to 1 isn’t going to hurt a lot because it can be easily searchable by other cards, and it can even be recycled with cards like Tower and Eternity.

However, it still seems too early for Konami to be Banning it outright, especially with it being a Secrets rare in the TCG and the Prophecy/Spellbook cards being showcased on the packaging of Judgement of the Light: Deluxe Edition. Also, Konami might want to push its new Blue-Eyes Structure deck and this the only card that can get Maiden out consistently.

Atlantean Dragoons

One of the best ways to hit the Water deck in my opinion without hurting the Mermail part of the deck too much. With only 1 Dragoons in the deck, the Stream+Dragoons/Megalo+Dragoons OTK cannot be done, unless a card like Atlantean Attack Squad is played, due to the missing Dragoons from the deck. Any other OTK will force the player to sacrifice more cards for the push, since they cannot use Dragoons as a discard fodder.

Glow-Up Bulb

Konami pushing for Synchros and Melia the Ashwood Nymph hinting at a possible push for Plants might mean Bulb could be coming back.


Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders

I chose to Semi-Limit all of the big E-Dragons without hitting the smaller ones because by putting the big ones to 2, players would most likely cut the small ones to 1.

Currently, the ratio of big:small E-Dragons is 3:2, after the Semi-Limit, it would most likely drop to 2:1.

This may not seem like much at first, however, the total E-Dragons count went from 20 to 12. Which means that they cut almost half their core engine, causing the deck to drop in consistency drastically. It also makes the deck run out of fuel a lot faster.

This decision severely hits the E-Dragon deck itself while not touching the Dragons themselves too much. The other Elemental Decks like Fire Fists and Mermails can still play a 2-1 ratio and will not feel much of a difference.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to 2 is actually quite a hard hit, after playing the deck a lot, I realise Prophecy has a huge problem when it doesn’t have a Spellcaster on the field. By reducing the amount of Spellbook Magicians, cards like Master, Power, Wisdom, Tower and Life will be dead a lot more often.

Spellbook of Secrets

Spellbook of Secrets is the glue that holds the deck together, many of the deck’s plays revolve around it. It is one of the few cards that can search out Magician, which means that hitting it also effectively decreases the amount of Magicians too, resulting in the cards stated in Spellbook Magician of Prophecy’s explanation even more dead.

Fire Formation – Tenki

Not a very likely hit since Konami is currently pushing for Bujins. However, Fire Fists are still extremely strong, especially once E-Dragons and Prophecies are weakened. I am quite afraid of the 3-axis Fire Fist deck, as it is extremely explosive with 3 Rekindlings and is able to gain constant advantage each turn with Spirit and Rooster loops. Quite reminiscent of Inzektors in the past with Dragonfly-Centipede loops.

Lonefire Blossom

Konami has been printing Flower Princesses (Talaya and Malina) in the past few sets, so that might mean that they want to bring this card back, since it is the only card that can bring them out easily. Also, Melia the Ashwood Nymph being printed hints at a comeback for Plants.


Konami is pushing for Zombies in Shadow Specters.


Thunder King Rai-Oh

The hit to Thunder King Rai-Oh in the previous list was totally unnecessary, Konami just decided that they should clear the path for Prophecies even more than they should have.


It was brought up to 2 in the previous list, and although it did see quite some play in stopping soft locks like Ophion, Kycoo and Jowgen, I don’t think unlimiting it would cause too many problems.

As a Spirit Monster, playing too many isn’t optimal and it seems they are getting some slight support in Shadow Specters.

Furthermore, locks are terrible for the game, so any card that can help to stop them is always welcome.

Advanced Ritual Art

Brought from 1 to 2 in the previous list and has done nothing. Unlimiting it wouldn’t do much harm either.


Hasn’t seen play for very long, especially since XYZs don’t work with Tokens. Might be good since Konami is pushing for Synchros to come back, and makes the game slower as another OTK stopper.


This list doesn’t really hit the 2 problem decks of the format too hard, it just kinds of balances them out a little, so that the other decks will be able to have a fighting chance. 

E-Dragons can still be played, but they lose a lot of their consistency and recursion.

I’ll admit, Prophecies were hit too softly this list, but I feel that Konami wouldn’t kill them off yet, especially with Maiden coming out soon in the TCG.

Evilswarms only have one Ophion, but it is enough for them. Furthermore, they still can function well with summoning other Rank 4 XYZs. The threat of the Master Key Beetle + Safe Zone lock is very real.

Mermails had a lot of their OTK-potential taken away from them with Dragoons being limited. But it will still be able to function well as a Rank 7 spam deck.

Fire Fists will be going strong on this list, especially the 3-Axis build which is very explosive in my opinion.

There will still be a lot more future archetype which I feel will quickly overshadow the older decks. Bujins having an extremely high potential to do well. And other sleeper decks from the past like Infernities and maybe Constellars. Personally I am looking forward to what Noble Knights will get in Shadow Specters, they could potentially be the next Prophecy, seeing as Konami bumping their TCG rarities really high.



1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters

This card gains 200 ATK and DEF for each non-Tuner monster used as a Synchro Material Monster for the Synchro Summon of this card.

2 card OTK in Mermails with just Stream and Dragoons.

Stream discard Dragoons, SS Tidal search Diva. 

NS Diva, SS Marksman. 

Synch Tidal and Diva for Kiganjou which becomes 3100. 

Banish any 2 Water Monsters to revive Tidal.

Attack with Marksman and SS Dragoons. Followed by attacking with Dragoons, Tidal and Kiganjou.


Spellbook Star Hall


Power up!

Powers up your Spellcaster monsters by 100 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. It may not seem like much, but the Prophecy deck is able to amass Spell Counters on this card quite quickly.

Even if you are unable to amass many Spell Counters on this card, 100 ATK can do a lot.

Magician becomes 600, which may not seem like much, however once you account Power and Master into the equation, you get 2600 ATK, which is just nice to get past Ophion.

Kycoo becomes 1900, which means that Reactan can’t suicide with it.

It’s another Spellbook!

It counts as another Spellbook, which means that you can use more Spellbooks per turn. For example, you already have Tower on the field, and you used Judgment this turn. You only have Secrets with another random Spellbook that won’t be used, you go Secrets-Master-Star Hall, since it wouldn’t be good to add another Tower to place over your previous one.

Combo time!

Another combo that you can use against Dragons for their first turn Dracossack is:

Hand: Judgment, Secrets, Spellbook for Master’s Reveal

Opponent’s Field: Dracossack with 2 Tokens

Use Judgment, Secrets (1) for Magician, Magician for Master, Master (2) copy Secrets for Power.

Use Power (3) on Magician.

Magician attacks a Token and you search for Star Hall (Usually you go for Tower here instead).

Open Star Hall (4).

End Phase.

Add 4 Spellbooks including one Fate, Special Summon Kycoo. While still in the End Phase, use Fate to Banish the Dracossack, and placing 1 Spell Counter on Star Hall.

Now with Kycoo at 1900, you don’t have to be afraid of Reactan dying with him.

Search effect.

Other than waiting for your opponent to destroy this card, you can MST your own Star Hall or use Priestess’ Effect.

Though the search effect may not be very effective now, maybe in the future when we start playing World builds, we might need to play this in order to tutor out Temperance.

Also, with 1 Spell Counter, you can search out Veiler or the upcoming Blue-Eyed Maiden.

Arcane ownage!

If you somehow manage to get Arcanite Magician out with this card, you can remove counters from this card instead and destroy a lot of cards.

That’s all for today! See you next time!

Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk


Play this card in Prophecy, it is good as you can easily make it with Veiler and Magician.

The most common way of bringing it out will be setting Judgment. Use it on your Opponent’s turn, and if either player uses a Spell, you can Search for Secrets and Special Summon Veiler.
During your turn, just use Secrets for Magician, and synch for this.

Common targets to negate:

Kycoo, so you can continue Banishing stuff with your Priestess, Fate and Life.


Ophion, so your Priestess can come out.

That’s all for today.