Lorong Ah Soo Tournament 31/07/2010

Today I joined the tournament at Lorong Ah Soo.

Round 1 Oo

Vs Marcus (Synchro Cat)

Game 1: Controlled with Cauis

and Swap Frog.

Game 2: Put up the dupe lock with the help of soul exchange and Substitoad and set 2 Spiritual Water Art-Aoi. However misplayed later by releasing dupe frog instead of swap frog. Later he D.D. Crow Ed my treeborn bit luckily I had burial from the different dimension to save it.

Round 2 XOX
Vs Skye (Quickdraw Dandywarrior)
Game 1: Could’nt get rid of his Drill Warrior and lost.
Game 2: Controlled him with triple Raiza on his Sangan.
Game 3: Same as game 1.

Round 3 OO
Vs Holylight (Gladiator Beasts)
Game 1: Activated Cold Wave which he Solemned and Used Heavy Storm after that.
Game 2: Forgot.

Round 4 XX
Vs Sorry I don’t know your name (Lightlord)
Game 1: Drew all the tribute fodders and no monarchs.
Game 2: Refer to game 1.

Round 5: Lol, Forgot whatever happened here.

3 Wins and 2 Losses. Missed on going into the top 16.


Chimeratech Fortress Dragon


Chimeratech Fortress Dragon can be Special Summoned even if your materials for its fusion summon are face-down on your side of the field. Which means that, for example, if I am playing Frog Monarchs and I have a Cyber Dragon in my hand and I have a Treeborn Frog in my graveyard, while my opponent has a field of 3 Machina Fortress backed up by a single copy of Bottomless Trap Hole, I can just Special Summon my Treeborn Frog from the graveyard and release it for a Tribute Set of my Cyber Dragon. Then I can Fusion Summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon with my face-down Cyber Dragon and his 3 Machina Fortresses, getting rid of all his monsters and losing my Chimeratech Fortress Dragon to his Bottomless Trap Hole.

Pot Of Duality


With the ability to look at the top 3 cards of your deck and add one of them to your hand, adding this card to your deck can increase its consistency by alot. In the OCG it is splashed into many decks such as Infernities, Blackwings, Light Beat and Synchro Cat. This is a very good card and is capable of achieving near staple status in the current metagame, Konami also knows the usefulness of this card and decided to increase its rarity from Super Rare in the OCG to Secret Rare in the TCG. However there a few disadvantages of using this card, firstly your opponent can see what card you added to your hand, allowing him to predict your moves and making yourself susceptible to cards such and Mind Crush. Secondly, you cannot special summon during the turn you activated Pot Of Duality, although this drawback is nothing too severe as you can just wait till the next turn to do your special summoning. Lastly, you can only activate one Pot Of Duality per turn, causing dead cards to be formed when you draw multiple Pot Of Dualities, however chances of this happening are really low as there are only 3 copies in your deck of 40 or more cards.

Snowman Eater


A commonly sidedecked card in the OCG which is now gaining some popularity in the TCG too. This card has an effect similar to Man-Eater Bug, which is probably where this card got its name from. Its ability to destroy a face-up monster when it is flipped up makes it very good in the Blackwing matchup, preventing them from chaining Icarus Attack or Book Of Moon when Snowman Eater is flipped up by an effect. It can also be used in Blackwings or Infernities to get rid of your opponent’s pesky Consecrated Light, allowing you to summon your Dark monsters. It can even fit in Frog Monarch decks easily, as it is a Water monster that can be discarded by Swap Frog for its special summon and it can also be tributed for Spiritual Water Art – Aoi. Its huge defence of 1900 can also allow itself to survive a turn longer in order to let itself become tribute fodder the next turn. What sets this card apart from other monsters with similar effects such as Man-Eater Bug, Old Vindicated Magician and Sanzaku, Karakuri Ninja is its high defence of 1900 which allows it to survive attacks by cards like Shura and Flamvell Helldog.

Dupe Frog


With the ability to search out any frog monster other than “Dupe Frog” when it is sent to the graveyard, it can easily help you search out your Swap Frog in your Frog Deck, increasing its consistency. It is also able to change its name to Des Frog, somewhat allowing you to use the less used Des Croaking. But the effect that really makes this card stand out is its effect to make itself the target of your opponent’s attacks. With one Dupe Frog and another Dupe Frog and/or Substitoad, you are able to create the infamous Dupe Lock, preventing your opponent from attacking you.

Swift-Attacking Scarecrow


Effect: When your opponent declares a direct attack, you can discard this card from your hand to end the Battle Phase.

With an effect similar to Battle Fader, it can prevent your opponent from killing you in one turn and allowing you to try and make a comeback the next turn. However unlike Battle Fader this card lacks the ability to special summon itself to become tribute/synchro fodder the next turn, but it does not have to remove itself from play. So this card can easily be abused ┬áin Quickdraw decks, creating a loop with this card and Drill Warrior, preventing your opponent from attacking you during his/her and poking for damage by attacking directly with Drill Warrior’s effect during your turn.

Mask Of Restrict


Can be side decked used to stop common threats such as Icarus Attack and Monarch decks. This card can also single-handedly stop Frog Monarch decks, preventing them from summoning their Monarchs and LADD while also preventing them from using the effect of Substitoad. This card is best used in Herald Of Perfection decks where it is almost impossible for the Frog Monarch player to win with this card and Herald Of Perfection on the field to protect it.