Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon has been highly sought after since its release in Cybernetic Revolution, it was a easy to summon beatstick as well as tribute fodder.

Later, there was the Machine OTK deck which relied on Future Fusion and Overload Fusion, this led to its limitation.

When the Tuner and Synchro monsters were released, Konami decided that it was a good idea to unlimit this card to two in order to promote its new concept. This led to Cyber Dragon turning into an easily abusable synchro material monster that can be splashed into many decks.

After that, the Machina Mayhem Structure Deck was released, allowing Machines to see an increase in play. This led to Cyber Dragon to gain popularity as it allowed players to counter Machina decks through the use of Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

Finally, in the September 2010 banlist, Cyber Dragon was unrestricted to 3, this somewhat caused Machina decks to fall in popularity. Cyber Dragon might also see an increase in play in Monarch decks now.


Nobleman of Crossout


Effect: Destroy 1 face-down monster and remove it from play. If the monster is a Flip Effect Monster, both players must remove from play all monsters from their decks with the same name as the destroyed monster.

With Quickdraw Dandy decks on the rise, this card will definitely see more play because it allows you to effectively get rid of threats such as Ryko and Super-Nimble Mega Hamster effectively and permanently.  It can also remove cards such Dandylion and Snowman eater. Note that it actually destroys a face-down monster before removing it from play, allowing you to counter it with My Body as a Shield.

Asia Tournament Plus 2010

This post is for all of the players who might be involved in the Asia Tournament Plus Tournament 2010 (A 3 Man Team Tournament with the usual Asia Format restriction).

The Asia Format means we cannot use any promos from books, special packs and duel terminals, this leaves us with promos from Tournament Packs and Konami Games. Furthermore, players have to share a banlist, meaning all 3 players can only have a maximum of 3 unrestricted cards, 2 semi-limited cards and 1 limited card to share among themselves. This makes deck building extremely hard as players will have to accommodate their member’s decks. So, the 3 players should play 3 completely different decks, in order to allow the staple cards to be shared easily.

Examples of good decks to play in this tournament are Herald of Perfection and Frog Monarchs because these decks use their own specific Spell and Trap cards and do usually not require the usual staples, this allows the other two players to be able to have more choices in their deck building.


With the ability to special summon 4 Sheep Tokens, Scapegoat is great in many ways such as protecting your lifepoints, providing synchro fodder and fodder for cards such as Destiny Hero – Plasma.

This card used to be really strong during the era of Thousand Eyes Restrict. When used alongside Metamorphosis it can easily enable you to summon Thousand Eyes Restrict.

But ever since the banning of Thousand Eyes Restrict and Metamorphosis, Scapegoat has just been randomly splashed in some decks.

Scapegoat later saw more play in the OCG in the Vision Blue Gun deck – A deck based on summoning Destiny Hero – Plasma(Bloo-D in the OCG) 

Afterwards, when The Duelist’s Genesis was released this card became somewhat more popular with the introduction of Synchro and Tuner Monsters, allowing for easy synchro summons.

But finally, with the Scrap Archtype released, I believe this card might see play in Scrap decks because the Sheep Tokens are of the Earth Attribute as well as the Scrap Monsters, this allows the Scrap player to gain access to Naturia Synchros such as Beast, Balkion, Landol and Gaodrake, which allows the player to have more control over the game.

So, I believe Scapegoat will see more play in the future with more and more Scrap support being released in the upcoming sets. I would like to give credit to LightGrunty as his Tournament Reports are what inspired this post.

Formula Synchron

Ever since its release it has helped to improve the consistency and speed of many decks with the potential to summon it.

For example, in Frog Monarchs, although the banning of Substitoad has weakened the deck considerably, the ability to summon this card through the use of tuning Treeborn Frog and Fishborg Blaster has somewhat allowed the deck to still be playable now, getting rid of dead cards and drawing into new cards.

In Quickdraw Dandywarrior decks, this card is usually summoned through the tuning of Grow Up Bulb/Spore and a Fluff Token, this allows for more explosive plays and better hands.

You can also activate Formula Synchron’s effect during your opponent’s turn to summon Black Rose Dragon or Trishula to take him by surprise.

However, note that you cannot activate Black Rose Dragon’s/Trishula’s effect if Formula Synchron’s effect is chained to another card.

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Sorry, no tournament report today.

So I will be reviewing Seven Tools of the Bandit instead.

This card has recently seen an increase in play in decks such as Blackwings, it can help them.negate opposing Trap Stuns as well as other counter traps such as Solemn Judgment or Solemn Warning. However, Seven Tools of the Bandit’s power comes at a cost of 1000LP, at first glance 1000LP may not seem like much but it is actually quite alot of lifepoints to pay after you factor in your other cards such as Solemn Judgment, Royal Oppression and about 2-3 Solemn Warnings. So do think about the lifepoint costs when you decide to play it in your main deck, other than that it seems pretty good in this Heavy Storm-less meta with most players opting for more trap oriented decks.

Also, Seven Tools of the Bandit negates the activation of the trap card. This means that if your opponent controls a Great Shogun Shien and you negate his first trap, he can and may activate another one, because the first trap’s activation was negated and it is treated as if no trap card was activated at all.

Gateway of the Six

As requested by Bannified, I will be reviewing Gateway of the Six today because of the future Six Samurai support stated to be released in the Storm of Ragnarok.

Gateway of the Six has been released in the OCG through Extra Pack 3.

So basically this card places. 2 Bushido Counters on itself whenever a Six Samurai is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned. The Bushido Counters can then be removed to activate Gateway’s myraid of effects (Note: You can also removed Bushido Counters from other cards such as Six Samurai United).

By removing two Bushido Counters, you can increase the attack power of a Six Samurai or “Shien” monster by 500. This allows the Six Samurai player to get over high levelled monsters such as Stardust Dragon easily, which is great because Six Samurai decks tend to be pretty helpless when it comes to facing big monsters.

By removing 4 Bushido Counters you can search for a Six Samurai monster from your deck or graveyard and add it to your hand, this makes Gateway somewhat similar to the Blackwing’s Black Whirlwind. This card’s second effect also allows for FTK potential, with two Gateways on the field along with a Mass Driver, the player could summon ny Six Samurai monster, place 4 counters on the two Gateways and removing them to search for Grandmaster or Kizan, special summon Grandmaster/Kizan, place 4 counters on the 2 Gateways, tribute Grandmaster/Kizan for Mass Driver for 400 points of burn damage, remove the 4 counters on the 2 Gateways add Grandmaster/Kizan from your graveyard to your hand and repeat 19 more times for the win. However this FTK is pretty inconsistent as compared to Frog FTK.

By removing 6 Bushido Counters, you can revive one “Shien” effect monster from your graveyard, if I recall correctly there is only one card that can be special summoned by this effect and that card is Great Shogun Shien. This will allow you to revive your dead Great Shogun Shiens and control your opponent with is one spell/trap card per turn restriction.

Overall I feel that Gateway is a really well-designed card, it has balanced effects that are not too broken while still being playable, however currently the Six Samurai cards are too weak for our competitive metagame, so will have to see what kind of miracle Storm of Ragnarok has for the Six Samurai.

End of card review.