Trishula Reprint in Gold Series 3

With Trishula going to be reprinted in Gold Series 3 next year, us non-japanese Asians can finally use a level 9 synchro monster for our Asia and Worlds Tournament Qualifiers. 

However this also means that Trishula’s price will drop, but not by much, probably to about Brionac’s price.

Also, many new players will have access to Trishula, making their gameplay more fun and budget friendly.

But, Trishula will most likely be a Normal Rare in the pack, making it harder to get unless Konami decides to make it a common like Catastor.

Expect cards like Dark Hole, Gorz, Raiou, Smashing Ground, a monarch (Cauis/Thestalos/Granmarg/Zaborg) to be inside along with some random filler like Watapon.

Personally I am hoping for reprints of Elemental Hero Stratos, Reinforcement of The Army, Royal Oppression, D.D. Crow and Cold Wave, although Chimeratech Fortress Dragon would be nice.

Hopefully this pack will allow the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG to become affordable for everybody again with the exception of the highly over priced Pot of Duality.

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True Six Samurai Kageki

This card is sort of like Boggart Knight for Six Samurais.

It special summons another Six Samurai monster when it is normal summoned, so with Gateway you can easily accumulate 4 Bushido Counters and search for any Six Samurai monster including Grandmaster.

Also with Kagemusha, it is an instant level 5 synchro monster, which means True Six Samurai Shien, Magical Android or Catastor.

It also has quite a low attack power of 200, which means it can easily be brought back from the graveyard by Debris Dragon for Black Rose Dragon.

At worst, this card can be used for defending with its 2000 DEF.

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D.D. Crow

With Effect Veiler taking the spot of D.D. Crow in most people’s deck, most people are seeing this card as a weaker and less versatile Effect Veiler.

Although it is true that Effect Veiler is more versatile, being able to stop a wider range of cards while being able to synchro summon when needed, D.D. Crow is still needed in some situations.

For example D.D. Crow can stop Pot of Avarice while getting removing from play one of your opponents card.

D.D. Crow can also stop Monster Reborn. It can even be discarded when your opponent tries to retrieve Chariot with Equeste.

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Frog Monarchs in the TCG

With Formula Synchron coming out soon in the TCG, Frog Monarchs might see an increased play there due to the synergy between Treeborn Frog and Fishborg Blaster.

I believe an increased play of Frog Monarchs would lead to a lower rate of X-Sabers winning as it is a very bad matchup for them with all the Monarchs messing up their setups with Darksoul and Emmersblade because they only have Effect Veiler, Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment to stop the Monarchs.

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Royal Decree

With the current metagame being more or less established now, it seems that more and more players are opting to play more trap oriented builds and dropping Mystical Space Typhoon from their decks.

This makes Royal Decree much more playable now.

Against almost all decks, it stops Solemn Warning, Bottomless Trap Hole, Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute.

Against Blackwings it stops Icarus Attack.

Against Light Hero Beat it stops all their traps including their Hero Blasts, however Royal Decree can easily be destroyed by Gemini Spark.

Against Gladiator Beasts it stops all their traps including Chariot, however Royal Decree can easily be destroyed by Bestiari and Gyazarus.

Against X-Sabers it stops Gottoms Emergency Call but it is easily destroyed by Hyunlei.

Overall I think it is a very good card to play right now, but it requires you to adjust your deck to play it.

You should replace your traps with cards like Book of Moon in order not to fall prey to your opponents OTK attempts easily. Also with Effect Veiler, it pretty much leaves your opponent to only use spell cards.

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Cold Wave

Currently one of the most powerful cards in the game right now along with Giant Trunade.

Usually when during the turn it is activated, its user will either win the game in that turn or gain an immense amount of advantage over his/her opponent through cards like Black Rose Dragon, Hyunlei or Judgment Dragon.

During the turn after the field wipe, your opponent will be unable to activate or set any spell/trap cards, effectively stopping your opponent from activating spell/trap cards for 3 turns (2 of yours and 1 of your opponent’s).

This prevents him from making a comeback with cards like Monster Reborn and Dark Hole. And with Effect Veiler in your hand, you can be sure to get control over your opponent.

Thunder King Rai-Oh

With OTK decks relying Cold Wave, Giant Trunade and Trap Stun, Thunder King Rai-Oh is amazing in almost any matchup short of Frog Mornachs.

Against X-Sabers, it stops Darksoul, Faultroll and Hyunlei.

Against Gladiator Beasts, it stops Proving Ground and Gyazarus.

Against Blackwings it can stop Black Whirlwind and their Synchros.

Against Quickdraw it can stop Tuning and their synchros.

But most importantly it stops Pot of Duality!!