Treasure of Heaven

Its like Cards for Black Feathers for Fairies, this might give Herald of Perfection decks greater speed, allowing them to accomplish their lock faster.

It could allow you to get rid of those dead vanilla fairies from your hand.

Its drawback of not being able to special summon on that turn may be lessened if you play Pot of Duality on the same turn. You could always wait for the next turn to special summon your Herald or Christia and maybe you could draw into a Royal Decree to protect them.

Luckily, its drawback of not being able to enter the Battle Phase does not affect the deck much.


Blood Mephist

Its art looks pretty familiar somehow, but I just can’t point it out.

Its burn effect is pretty cool, 300 LP for each card is pretty painful, you could play this card in some sort of stall burn deck and thus card would become the win condition. You could also play Ojama Trio to inflict 900 LP more damage each turn.

It does not have any special requirements to synchro summon it. This makes it somewhat easier to splash into some extra decks.

Maybe it could become some sort of finisher card like Tempest Magician or even Dark Strike Fighter to an extremely small extent.

It might see some play if there was more space in the extra decks, but currently most extra decks are filled up fully.

Magatama of Musakani

So, I finally saw Six Samurais in action for the first time (since I didn’t go out during the weekdays). The card that really amazes me is this card. Its like Infernity Barrier for Six Samurais.

As long as you control a face-up Six Samurai monster on the field, you can negate the activation of any card that would destroy a card. Its not just a card on the field, its a card. This means it can stop Solemn Warning if you have an already existing Six Samurai monster on the field. It can even stop all other commonly played Counter Traps such as Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath.

Its just too strong, it can even stop Mystical Space Typhoon from destroying your Gateway or United.

This card is almost on the same level of brokeness as Infernity Barrier. I believe that this card is one of the few cards that players will watch out for when playing against Six Samurais. Maybe it will start an increase in play of cards like Trap Stun and Royal Decree.

Its pretty weird that Konami didn’t make this card a Super Rare or something. It would make the sales of STOR soar higher than they already are now.

Cardmasters Tournament 27/11/2010

Deck used: Light Hero Beat

Match 1
Viral (Light Hero Beat) XX
Game 1: Had 2 Raious, 2 Gemini Spark and a Hero Blast. It would have been perfect if I had Alius, but sadly I did not draw it.
Game 2: I used Solemn Judgment on his Stratos, leaving me with 4000LP. Then on the next turn he used Super Polymerization on my Stratos and Alius to make Shining followed by his Miracle Fusion for another one which I used Solemn Warning on. Then he used his second Miracle Fusion for Shining again and I only had one Book of Moon left.

Match 2
Sunny (Six Samurais) XX
Game 1: He started with double United with Kageki and he won.
Game 2: I attacked him for a few turns since he had no monsters. He was left with 500LP then he started to rush me with his double Gateway and I misplayed by forgetting to make Absolute Zero with his Shinai. He then did some loop and I died.

Match 3
BYE (No deck) OXO
Had the worst score in the entire tournament and got a BYE.

Match 4
Junyong (Gigavise) OO
Game 1: Too tired to remember.
Game 2: Too tired to remember.

Match 5
William (Quick-Dandy Lightsworn) XX
Game 1: Too tired to remember.
Game 2: Too tired to remember.

Result: Scrubbed.

Sorry about the last 2 matches, I was really tired since I was awake from 5PM yesterday. For some reason I couldn’t sleep no matter how tired I was.

Later I bought like 5 packs of TCG STBL and got 2 Formula Synchrons and 1 GK Recruiter.

Royal Tribute

Seeing as Gravekeepers took the top 3 spots of YCS Atlanta. I believe one of its key cards is Royal Tribute, its almost like Trap Dustshoot if not better. And you can play 3 copies of it.

With 3 copies of Commandant, Recruiter and Pot of Duality, the chances that you can get this card to your hand along with Necrovalley is really high.

By using this card on your first turn, not only can you get rid of your opponents monster cards to limit his/her resources, you can also gain an advantage in knowledge over your opponent. By knowing what Spell/Trap cards he has, you will be able to make the best plays. This takes away all surprises your opponent tries to pull on you, allowing you to win without even making many reads.

The top 3 decks played 14-15 monsters, this meant that whenever they used Royal Tribute they would not lose out much in advantage. They could also revover their lost Gravekeepers with Stele.

Anyway, this victory by Gravekeepers will definitely boost the sales of Structure Deck Marik as most of the cards needed for the deck are already in there with the exception of Royal Tribute.

Terminal World

This card may not be that great in the tournament scene right now, but it has some uses.

It can stop slow down Shura, Firedog and Fulhelmknight plays.

Not having a Main Phase 2 means players will have to set their spell/trap cards before they attack, this allows you to set up for cards like Greenkappa and Malevolent Catastrophe.

Although its not really practical, you could use this card with Timeater to set up a Pseudo-Yata Lock when used with cards like Ojama Trio.

It is quite an interesting card, but I don’t think anybody would play it competitively anyway.

Forbidden Holy Lance

Its a really versatile card, allowing you  to use it offensively and defensively.

It protects one monster from Mind Control, Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole and Dimensional Prison.

You can use it with Shura or Firedog effectively giving then an attack power of 2600 and 2700 respectively. Allowing them to get over cards like Stardust Dragon and special summoning another monster  from the deck.

It can also protect your Stardust Dragon from Spell/Trap cards that would usually get rid of it such as Dimensional Prison or Scrap Dragon from Bottomless Trap Hole.

It could also be used in X-Sabers when you try to make a push with Trap Stun and they activate Book of Moon. Against Light Hero Beat, it could be used to stop their Gemini Spark.

It can also be used in GBs, allowing you to get over most monsters with your GBs and activate their effects. Against GBs, it can be used on your own monsters in advance if you read a Chariot.

Overall, it a really good card which is well balanced in its design. Hope to see more play of this card in the future.