Lonefire Blossom

At the request of Vampireion of the Accel Scrubbing blog, I will be posting my thoughts on Lonefire Blossom.

Lonefire Blossom has always been an amazing card for Plant based decks like Gigavise and Quickdraw Dandy.

In Gigavise it is definitely essential as it searches out key cards such as Gigaplant, Grow-Up Bulb, Spore and Dandylion. So Lonefire is definitely needed there.

However in Quickdraw Dandy it is also crucial, because it raises the consistency of the deck greatly. Although most OCG Quickdraw Dandy players have dropped Tyttanial from their decks due to lack of space and dead draws with it, there are still many plant monsters left in the deck. It allows the player to search out Dandylion and tuners like Grow-Up Bulb and Spore while allowing you access to easy synchro summons. Lonefire Blossom is also a Debris target that can search for other Debris targets like Dandylion and Dandylion is also amazing with Quickdraw Synchron and helps with the Drill Warrior Loop.

As for cards like Shura, Bora and Fullhelmknight, you can always try to play around them with cards like Book of Moon and Raigeki Break.

So, in conclusion I believe Lonefire Blossom is a must play in Quickdraw Dandy decks as it helps to make the deck alot more consistent and allows you to unleash an array of amazing combos.

End of Post.