True Six Samurai’s Weakness

It seems that the True Six Samurais are pretty overhyped. It is true that the True Six Samurais are difficult to stop, however they do have their weak points.

Unlike conventional OTK decks, the True Six Samurai deck does not require an extensive usage of the graveyard. This means that it cannot be easily stopped by cards like D.D. Crow. They also focus more on swarming rather than their monster effects, so Effect Veiler can’t do much either.

Their main weakness is actually a heavy monster destruction backrow, because their main combo functions around Gateway of The Six, they cannot play Cold Wave. This leaves them with only Giant Trunade to clear their opponent’s backrow for the kill. However, some players might adapt to this and opt to main deck Royal Decree and Trap Stun.

So, in order to stop their OTK, the best card to use would be Book of Moon. Similar to how it stopped Blackwings and Six Samurais in the past, it get rids of the first monster, which prevents them from doing much more devastating moves.

In conclusion, the best way to stop the True Six Samurais is to stop the first monster. Solemn Warning also works great against them if they don’t have Royal Decree face-up.

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