Lorong Ah Soo Tournament 16/11/2010

Deck used: Upstart Light Gemini

Match 1
Zan Hao (Light Gemini Beat) XX
Game 1: Double Solemn Warning controlled for a while but later Raiou jammed up my Pot of Duality and E-Emergency Call after he got rid of my monsters.
Game 2: I opened with Trap Dustshoot and saw his Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and Smashing Ground. I had Honest as my only Monster and died soon after to his Raiou.

Match 2
Junqi (Limit Reverse Chaos Dandy) OO
Game 1: I opened with Trap Dust and stalled for a while with Alius, later I was left with Alius, Mirror Force and Solemn Warning (which was dead at the time due to my low life points) while had a Tragoedia and 6 cards in hand. He normal summoned his Grow-Up Bulb and copied Black Rose Dragon’s level with Tragoedia then summoned his Scrap Dragon instead of Stardust Dragon because he was afraid of Dimensional Prison. He blew up my Solemn Warning and his dead Call of The Haunted. He attacked and I used Mirror Force, I won a few turns later.
Game 2: Opened with Trap Dustshoot and stalled for a while, later I Gemini Summoned my Alius and used Torrential Tribute to clear his 2 face-down monsters. Later I was left with a lone Alius on the field with Honest and Gorz in my hand and I was at 2900LP. He was at 3200LP and didn’t dare to attack with his Colossal Fighter. We were at a stalemate for a few turns until he drew into Dark Armed Dragon which he tried summoning, luckily he counted the number of Dark monsters in his grave wrongly and there were 2 instead of 3. On the next I drew into Miracle Fusion, removed from play Stratos and Alius to summon Elemental Hero The Shining, Shining attacked Colossal Fighter and dropped Honest during the Damage Calculation to deal exactly 3200 damage to his life points.

Top 6
Cassandra (Blackwings) OO
Game 1: Opened with Trap Dustshoot and controlled with Dimensional Prison on Arms Wing and Bottomless Trap Hole on her Bora.
Game 2: Opened with Trap Dustshoot and I had Alius, Royal Oppression, Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Warning. I summoned Alius and attacked into her Shura, then she activated her Kalut’s effect on Shura and searched for Vayu. The next turn she special summoned Bora and synchro summoned Trishula which I oppressed. Later she had Black Whirlwind and summoned Blizzard, I was reading that she had Icarus Attack face-down so I Solemn Warninged it. The next turn I drew Solemn Judgment which negated the summoning of her next Blizzard. Later, I summoned Honest and slowly attacked until she was left with 2100LP. I drew into Cyber Dragon and had forgotten to tribute my Honest for Cyber Dragon to attack for game. Luckily, she did not draw into any monsters and I won.

Result: Top 3 and shared the store credit of $11.66.

For some reason, I kept getting Trap Dustshoot in my opening hands.