I just noticed that this deck is amazingly consistent.

With searchers like Ritua Abyss Ritua Erial, Ritua Marker, Shadow Ritua and Mirror.

With deck manipulation cards like Ritua Chain and Ritua Noeria.

Revival like Ritua Beast.

Recursion in the form of Meditation Technique of the Ceremonial Mirror.

And even their own “Spell Speed 4” enabler in Ritua Vanity .

What I really like about this deck is the deck manipulation. It has amazing synergy with Pot of Duality and Upstart Goblin. Summoning one of them and using PoD or Upstart Goblin is like stacking your deck.

Maybe people would start trying out high draw power variants of this decks to abuse Chain and Noeria.

Mirror also helps you recover some of the advantage lost when Ritual Summoning.

End of Post.