Kinetic Soldier

It is pretty good against the True Six Samurais.

It can become a 3350 ATK beatstick to destroy any of your opponents Six Samurai monsters or stall with its 3800 DEF.

Althought the latter option is not advisable since it is only a matter of time until they get to their Gateways and Tuners.

If you can back it up with Royal Oppression or Solemn Warning, you should be able to win them since they have very few outs to this card other than Synchros and Mizuho. And Mizuho isn’t that commonly played now. However they can stop your Royal Oppression and Solemn Warning with Magatama.

Anyway, Kinetic Soldier works extremely well with Gozen Match since they can only synchro summon with Kagemusha as their only tuner. This only allows them to make level 6 and level 7 synchros with Kizan and Grandmaster respectively. Level 6 means Brionac, since TSS Shien and Goyo Guardian dies to Kinetic Soldier too and Level 7 means Black Rose Dragon since people hardly play the other level 7s.

With your 3350 attacker, you can just beat them down to apply pressure and hopefully they will die before they draw their outs to this.

Its also a machine type monster, so it works perfectly when sided in a Machina deck. Limiter Remover makes it a 6700 ATK Beatstick. You can even protect it with Machina Gearframe.

It is also useful to a small extent against Light Hero Beat decks since most of their monsters are warriors. However, this card dies easily to the high amount of removal they play as well as Honest. So I wouldn’t suggest siding this against Light Hero Beat.