Thunder King Rai-Oh

Can also be really good against Six Samurais.

It stops them from searching with Gateway and making their synchro monsters.

Its 1900 ATK is also good against most of their monsters.

However, Grandmaster easily trumps Raiou with its effect and attack power. If Raiou negates its summoning he can just add Grandmaster back to his hand.

And Magatama can stop its summon negation effect too. Because Magatama is just too strong, it stops Royal Oppression and Solemn Warning too. I think it can stop Solemn Judgment too.


2 thoughts on “Thunder King Rai-Oh

  1. Actually, Rai-oh doesn’t work too well against Gateway either.

    They’ll just summon any monster, and boost its attack by 500 from Gateway’s first effect and run TKRO over. =\

    • Yeah, but at least it will kinda slow them down for a turn. Anyway, if they have Gateway out and you have no way of getting rid of it, you are pretty much dead.

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