Forbidden Holy Lance

Its a really versatile card, allowing you  to use it offensively and defensively.

It protects one monster from Mind Control, Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole and Dimensional Prison.

You can use it with Shura or Firedog effectively giving then an attack power of 2600 and 2700 respectively. Allowing them to get over cards like Stardust Dragon and special summoning another monster  from the deck.

It can also protect your Stardust Dragon from Spell/Trap cards that would usually get rid of it such as Dimensional Prison or Scrap Dragon from Bottomless Trap Hole.

It could also be used in X-Sabers when you try to make a push with Trap Stun and they activate Book of Moon. Against Light Hero Beat, it could be used to stop their Gemini Spark.

It can also be used in GBs, allowing you to get over most monsters with your GBs and activate their effects. Against GBs, it can be used on your own monsters in advance if you read a Chariot.

Overall, it a really good card which is well balanced in its design. Hope to see more play of this card in the future.






8 thoughts on “Forbidden Holy Lance

  1. Actually, Forbidden Holy Lance reduces the selected Monster’s ATK by 800. The applications are still the same, though. Using it to destroy another Monster in battle would just mean selecting the opponent’s Monster.

    • Yeah, I knew that, thats why I wrote “effective”. Meaning it has a similar effect to increasing the attack by 800. I wrote it that way so you guys could see it better, it would be easier to see its power by writing that way.

  2. LOL Lauren do last min cover-up and add in ‘Meaning, its almost like increasing its attack by 800.’

    But forgot to delete the ‘Allowing them to get over cards like Stardust Dragon and special summoning another monster from the deck.’

    So cover-up last min edit failed.

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