Cardmasters Tournament 27/11/2010

Deck used: Light Hero Beat

Match 1
Viral (Light Hero Beat) XX
Game 1: Had 2 Raious, 2 Gemini Spark and a Hero Blast. It would have been perfect if I had Alius, but sadly I did not draw it.
Game 2: I used Solemn Judgment on his Stratos, leaving me with 4000LP. Then on the next turn he used Super Polymerization on my Stratos and Alius to make Shining followed by his Miracle Fusion for another one which I used Solemn Warning on. Then he used his second Miracle Fusion for Shining again and I only had one Book of Moon left.

Match 2
Sunny (Six Samurais) XX
Game 1: He started with double United with Kageki and he won.
Game 2: I attacked him for a few turns since he had no monsters. He was left with 500LP then he started to rush me with his double Gateway and I misplayed by forgetting to make Absolute Zero with his Shinai. He then did some loop and I died.

Match 3
BYE (No deck) OXO
Had the worst score in the entire tournament and got a BYE.

Match 4
Junyong (Gigavise) OO
Game 1: Too tired to remember.
Game 2: Too tired to remember.

Match 5
William (Quick-Dandy Lightsworn) XX
Game 1: Too tired to remember.
Game 2: Too tired to remember.

Result: Scrubbed.

Sorry about the last 2 matches, I was really tired since I was awake from 5PM yesterday. For some reason I couldn’t sleep no matter how tired I was.

Later I bought like 5 packs of TCG STBL and got 2 Formula Synchrons and 1 GK Recruiter.


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