Magatama of Musakani

So, I finally saw Six Samurais in action for the first time (since I didn’t go out during the weekdays). The card that really amazes me is this card. Its like Infernity Barrier for Six Samurais.

As long as you control a face-up Six Samurai monster on the field, you can negate the activation of any card that would destroy a card. Its not just a card on the field, its a card. This means it can stop Solemn Warning if you have an already existing Six Samurai monster on the field. It can even stop all other commonly played Counter Traps such as Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath.

Its just too strong, it can even stop Mystical Space Typhoon from destroying your Gateway or United.

This card is almost on the same level of brokeness as Infernity Barrier. I believe that this card is one of the few cards that players will watch out for when playing against Six Samurais. Maybe it will start an increase in play of cards like Trap Stun and Royal Decree.

Its pretty weird that Konami didn’t make this card a Super Rare or something. It would make the sales of STOR soar higher than they already are now.