Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

This card is one of the four new Djinn Monsters released in the Starter Deck 2012.

It is a Level 4 XYZ Monster, which means it will mostly be played in Rabbit and Hero decks.

It’s effect is basically a combination of a watered-down Book of Moon along with Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.

1800ATK isn’t much, but with its effect it can help to flip your opponents monsters into Face-Down Defense Position and most of them should have pretty low defences. 2300DEF is pretty respectable too, but most of the time this card will be attacking.

For some reason, with its effect it just gets past the 1700DEF of two monsters that Rabbit/Hero decks have trouble getting past Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis (Both extremely easy to summon in post GAOV Inzektors). This is one of the main reasons to play the card, as you usually have no outs to the two cards mentioned above.

Edit: Crimson Shadow Ninja won’t die to Maestroke as pointed out by Clarence.