September 2012 Forbidden and Limited List (Speculation) – Limited

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon:
By Limiting REDMD, two decks are affected, namely Hieratics and Chaos Dragons. The most broken part of Hieratics IMO is Gustav Max, it is like a Dark Strike Fighter for the deck. With REDMD at 1, players will have to wait for 4 Combo Pieces to perform their OTK, which makes the deck much more balanced as they already have access to lots of Rank 6 XYZs which are powerful in their own right.

As for Chaos Dragons, limiting REDMD will makes the Lightpulsar Combo less consistent. They still have cards like Eclipse Wyvern and Future Fusion so it shouldn’t affect them that much. I chose not to hit Future Fusion because the deck isn’t that prevalent in the OCG Meta, so I don’t think Konami will not hit Chaos Dragons directly by Banning it.

Dark Magician of Chaos:
With Monster Reborn banned, one of the best targets for this guy’s effect is gone. Also 2 Tributes are pretty hard to get in our current fast paced format, so I doubt it will see much play other than in the new Book of Spells deck. I strongly believe that Konami would unban this cards just to promote their Book of Spells archetype.


September 2012 Forbidden and Limited List (Speculation) – Forbidden

Inzektor Hornet:
Rather than hitting cards like Dragonfly and Centipede, banning the most problematic card in the deck would be better.

Hornet itself is a format defining card, almost as much as other cards like Heavy Storm in the way that it causes players play styles and card choices to change. With Hornet around, players shun the use of cards like Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole and Starlight Road.
This is due to the fear of  the opponent summoning an Inzektor and popping a card with Hornet while gaining further advantage in the game with the effect of Dragonfly or Centipede. And with no Starlight Road to fear, players can mindlessly play their Heavy Storms without fear, which is a pretty bad thing IMO.

To further counter Inzektors, players have also started to main cards like Effect Veiler and Chain Disappearance.

With all the hate focused on Inzektors, decks like Hero Beat take advantage of the lack of Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole and the inclusion of 3 Effect Veilers in almost every deck to be able to become one of the top contenders of this format. So, by banning Hornet, you are actually nerfing decks like Hero Beat.

Hitting only Hornet will allow Inzektors to still be playable with triple Ladybug and perform as an XYZ heavy deck rather than the deck of mass destruction right now. A deck that can easily spam cards like Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis is still pretty good.

Wind-Up Hunter:
Similar to Banning Hornet in Inzektors, hitting Hunter will take away the broken part of the deck. Instead of staying as a hand looping deck, it can become some sort of XYZ Toolbox deck. Wind-Ups actually have pretty good cards other than Hunter, like Zenmaighty, Magician, Shark, Rat, Rabbit and Factory. Honestly, it is a pretty skill intensive deck, but the Hunter Loop takes away most of the skills involved in the deck. Also, similar to Inzektors forcing everyone to play Veiler, Wind-Ups has the same thing with Maxx “C”.

Monster Reborn:
One of the most hated cards this format die to all the comebacks this card can provide just by top drawing it. We already have a pretty good revival card in the form of Call of The Haunted, and if Hornet gets banned, it gets even better.

September 2012 Forbidden and Limited List (Speculation)

This might seem a little early. But the format is so stagnant right now that I doubt it will change much till September.

Inzektor Hornet
Wind-Up Hunter
Monster Reborn

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Dark Magician of Chaos

Rescue Rabbit
Mystical Space Typhoon

Snipe Hunter
Summoner Monk
Necro Gardna
Level Limit – Area B
Destiny Draw
Nobleman of Crossout
Magical Stone Excavation
Swords of Revealing Light
Emergency Teleport
Gravity Bind
Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder

This is just my Speculated List, I will explain further in the next few days.