29/12/2012 Active Game Collections Tournament

Deck: Wind-Ups (Coat of Arms/Invoker/Warrior Build)

Javier (Chaos Dragons) OXO

Game 1: Forgot how I won.

Game 2: I think I got beat down by Lightpulsar Dragon.

Game 3: He Dualitied into Maxx “C” while I had TGU+Shark in hand. Luckily, I topped into Dimensional Fissure. I opened D.Fissure and baited out his Maxx “C” Won next turn with TGU+Shark.

Jeff (Ninja Chaos Dragons) OXX

Game 1: I think I won with Magi/TGU + Shark.

Game 2: I think I got owned by his Messier 7 taking back a Maxx “C”

Game 3: He summoned Hanzo and searched for Super Transformation and set it. I couldn’t do much and eventually he won by tributing his Ryko and Lightpulsar for REDMD and reviving Lighpulsar.

Wesley (Sacred) OO

Game 1: I had too many backrows and he couldn’t summon any of his XYZ monsters.

Game 2: He went first and summoned Constellar Pollux, I summoned Wind-Up Rabbit and took direct attacks from Pollux for about 4 turns until I managed to stall into Magician+Shark along with Reborn and Shark. I did the first Magician+Shark combo before Zenmaity and stuff and baited out the Torrential Tribute. I then used Reborn to bring back Magician and did the MagiShark combo again. Ending with a field of Papilloperative, Zenmaity, Rabbit, Magician and Rabbit (Somehow, I was reading a Mirror Force for I don’t know what reason)(Meant to go into Shock Master but I forgot that my 3rd Magician was in the Graveyard after I brought out my Rabbit with Zenmaity’s Effect)

I set Mind Crush and used it without noticing that I had no cards in hand to use it. We later both noticed, so we continued with the game.

Next turn I just attacked with all of my monsters for game. Really bad play from me this game, from the Shock Master play to the Mind Crush.

Daniel (Verz Rabbit) XX

Game 1: I think I got beat down easily this game.

Game 2: I drew like 2 Magicians along with 2 Tour Guides. I set the Magician and I think he didn’t dare to attack being afraid of Snowman/Sangan. I then drew into my third Magician and I set it again. I finally drew into my Wind-Up Rabbit which I summoned. Followed by flipping up both of my set Magicians. Slight misplay from me where I Banished Rabbit and made the Magician’s Effects CL1 and CL2, which in turn got punished by Maxx “C” and I was forced to bring out my two other Rabbit.

Stalled for a bit with my 2 Magicians with their 1800DEF against Daniel’s Evilswarm Castor with its 1750ATK. Until he managed to bring out Diawolf to pop my set Dust Tornado followed by a Dark Armed Dragon (Really good play from him here). He then cleared both my Magicians and started to attack me for 2800 each turn. (I had Compulsory set but I didn’t really want to use it now, hoping that he would pop it with DAD’s Effect and reading a Deck Devastation Virus from him)(This would in turn punish me in later turns where I would draw into more Monsters and get hit harder by his DDV). Next turn I drew into my Sangan, so my hand was Magician, TGU, TGU, Sangan. I eventually was forced to use the Compulse and he indeed had the DDV, I topped into two Rats the following turns and lost soon after. I drew a really terrible hand this game, but I believe I definitely could have won, if not for my misplays, so I blame myself for losing. Props to Daniel for playing so well. (He eventually won the Tournament).

Sazabi (Mermail Atlanteans) OO

Game 1: I had Magician+Shark+Storm to his one backrow. I Stormed his Abyss-Sphere and he brought out Megalo. My Magician+Shark was stopped by Effect Veiler, I didn’t play Utopia or Zenmaister to get past it, so I could only end with Maestroke flipping his Megalo F/D and a set Bottomless Trap Hole. On his turn he MSTed by BTH and tried to go for a big play, Summon Diva pull Infantry, Tribute Diva for Megalo Effect, Salvage back the Diva, Summon it and pull Marksman. Diva+Infantry for Gantetsu which I Veilered. (Note: I didn’t Veiler earlier because I was expecting Moulinglacia for some reason, and my cards in hand were quite important, Rat and something else I think) I forgot why his Marksman couldn’t get a hit in (Might have missed something out).

I forgot how, but I managed to summon Tiras+Zenmaines to clear one of his Gantetsu’s Materials and destroy his Megalo.

The following turn I made Papilloperative and turned his Gantetsu to attack position and I won from there.

Game 2: He had a set monster, I had Dimensional Fissure and Shark. Shark attacked into his Linde. I won the following turn.



3-2 (OXOXO)

Finished at 10th position and didn’t get into Top 8.


After Tournament Thoughts: 

I definitely could have played a lot better in this Tournament. Wind-Ups are extremely hard to play perfectly, but I hope I can do better in the next tournament (Need to get more IRL practice in). I have already learnt quite a lot from playing Wind-Ups and definitely can learn more.


29/12/2012 Active Game Collections Tournament Results:

1st/2nd (Split): William Oh (Verz Rabbit)/Daniel Ang (Verz Rabbit)

3rd: Jeff Soh (Ninja Chaos Dragons)

4th: Vishal Dharsan (Dark Worlds)

5th: Darius (Fire Kings)

6th: Cassandra Ang (Verz Rabbit)

7th/8th (Split): Ben Tan (Inzektors)/Bryan Chua (Wind-Ups)

Metagame Breakdown for Top 8

3 Verz Rabbit

1 Ninja Chaos Dragons

1 Dark World

1 Fire Kings

I Inzektors

1 Wind-Ups


Quite a variety of decks are in the Top 8 this week. It seems that Verz Rabbit is gaining a lot of popularity and will see a lot of success in future tournaments until Road of the Tachyon Galaxy comes out.


Armor Kappa



Level 2 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; this card gains 1000 ATK or DEF. During the Battle Step, when a monster youcontrol battles: You can discard 1 card; this turn, you take no Battle Damage and monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle. You can only use this effect of “Armor Kappa” once per Duel.

New card from the Jump Festa 2013- Special Card Pack. Seems to have a lot of potential especially in Mermail Atlanteans, and to some extent Agents and Prophecy.

In Mermails, you can go Diva for Infantry and Overlay for Armor Kappa. Use its first effect, detach Infantry and destroy a face-up card. Especially useful against cards like Evilswarm Ophion and Dimensional Fissure. It then becomes a 1400ATK beatstick, which is pretty respectable, considering that you just got rid of one of your Opponent’s Cards.

The second Effect is also amazing, now you can simply go Diva into this, and give yourself a higher chance of having another turn another turn. You can make it go 1400 first, then 2400 the following turn, which is pretty good in my opinion.

If you discarded another Atlantean for its Effect, you can even trigger its effect.

Also, you can bring Armor Kappa out with Bahamut Shark in order to protect it for another turn and use its Effect again.


Diva now becomes an instant out to cards like Ophion/D.Fissure. And Armor Kappa is another target for Bahamut Shark.

22/12/2012 Active Game Collections Tournament

Number of Participants: 29

Deck: Wind-Ups (Coat of Arms/Invoker/Warrior Build)

Paul (Wind-Ups) OO
Game 1: Stalled with Reaper for a while and managed to get a few hits in with my removal cards. Eventually, I was able to go off by overlaying Reaper and Rabbit for Zenmaity into Magician + Shark. Ending with Zenmaity, Coat of Arms, Invoker and Volcasaurus. Getting past his Zenmaines with the effect of Coat of Arms.

Game 2: He opened with Rabbit and 2 Factories. I stalled with Reaper and eventually went for game.

Junwei (Verz) OTT
Game 1: Stalled for while with Reaper and OTKed with Zenmaity+Shark.

Game 2: Stalled with Reaper again. Went into time, but I was short of 50LP.

Game 3: Lost in time again.

Jeff (HERO Beat) OXO
Game 1: Stalled behind a Reaper and killed him after a timely Heavy Storm.

Game 2: Shining was too big and I couldn’t get past it.

Game 3: Time was called, I Stormed him, he chained alot of other cards and Book of Moon on his Stratos. Went for game on with exact damage using Gaia Dragon’s Piercing Effect. (1500+2600+1600+2300=8000)

Kaven (Chaos Dragons) XX
Game 1: Was in quite a good position. So I decided to go for game seeing that a 2nd Veiler would be the only card that can stop me from winning that turn. Sadly, he had the 2nd Veiler and it all went downhill from there.

Game 2: Started with Rabbit and Double Shark. Went into Zenmaity, Coat of Arms and Shock Master, calling Spells and setting my Warning. Next turn, I called Traps on his 2 set backrow cards. I forgot I had Diawolf in my Extra, so I went into Papilloperative to flip up his set Ryko, and he destroyed my Coat of Arms. I then summoned my Rat and pulled Warrior,  making Black Corn, thinking I can go for exact game. (1500+2300+2100+2100=8000) But he had Tragoedia, so in the MP2 I sent Tragoedia to the Graveyard with Corn and burnt him for 1000LP. Next turn he topped into Dark Hole. And went TGU into Leviathan and BLS. I lost the turn after, my misplay really cost me the game.

Javier (Mermail Atlanteans) OO
Game 1: Opened Magician+Shark, but had Warrior in hand. I thought he was playing Verz, so I ended with Zenmaity, Shock Master and Shark, calling Spells and setting my Warning. Luckily he only had Undine which I Warninged. Next turn, I called Traps and he chained Abyss-Sphere to bring out Linde. I used Zenmaity’s effect to special Magician. Shark to 5 and Special another Shark with Magician. Magician + Shark for Dweller. Summoned Warrior, pumped itself to 1800. Dweller’s Effect and Warrior attacks Linde. The rest of them attacked (2000+2000+2200+2300=8500). After the he scooped the game, he realised that he told me that ge had Tragoedia in hand, but didn’t realise Dweller boosted my monsters.

Game 2: He went first and just ended thinking to OTK me the next turn with his Megalo, Dragoons and other Atlanteans. But I had TGU+Shark and won with a field of Zenmaity, Coat of Arms, Invoker and Dweller. (2000+2600+1600+2200=8400)

Result: 3-2
Didn’t get into top 8, but was quite satisfied with my performance other than the games against Kaven.
Reaper was really good today and helped alot, taking alot of opponent’s by suprise and stalling out alot of games.

However, Reaper did stall a little too much in some of the matches. Resulting in two of my games going into time. (Basically the ones where the score wasn’t OO or XX)

Guide to Mermail Atlanteans

Main Deck

Mermail – Abyssmegalo

Key card of the deck, triggers the effects of most of your Atlanteans. Can be brought out with the effect of Mermail Abysslinde. Its effect to summon itself starts a chain so it cannot negated by Laggia/Rai-Oh/Solemn Judgment. But this means that Maxx “C”/Mind Crush can be chained to it.

OTK Combos with Deep Sea Diva explained below.

Mermail Abysspike

Tutor for Level 3 Water Monsters (Genex Undine/Atlantean Marksman/Mermail Abysslinde) while triggering the effects of your Atlanteans at the same time.

Mermail Abysslinde

One of the best floaters in the game right now, being able to recruit any Mermail monster when it is destroyed and sent to the graveyard (Including Abyssmegalo). Main target for Abyss-Sphere since none of Abyss-Sphere’s drawbacks affect her. Watch out for Bottomless Trap Hole as she has exactly 1500ATK.

Atlantean Dragoons

Searches out any Sea Serpent Monster except itself when triggered, ranging from Abyssmegalo/Moulinglacia/Diva/Any Atlantean. 1800 attack isn’t too bad and the first effect works really well with Marksman.

Atlantean Marksman

Destroys one set card when triggered.  The first effect works really well with Dark Hole/Torrential Tribute. Brings out Dragoons/Attack Squad/Heavy Infantry.

Atlantean Heavy Infantry

Destroys one face-up card when triggered. Its stats aren’t really that good but its first effect can be used in some combos.

Genex Undine

Triggers the effect of any of your Atlanteans when summoned. The sending is a cost so card like Effect Veiler/Skill Drain will only stop you from  adding the Controller. Its 1200ATK may seem useless at first, but its really good in the Mirror Match. You can attack freely into your opponent’s face-down monsters without much fear since Linde and Controller both have exactly 1200DEF.

Genex Controller

The “drawback” of playing the Genex Engine. Its not that bad in my opinion as you can use it as Allure/XYZ/Synchro fodder.

Deep Sea Diva

Your main combo card, more will be explained in the Combos Section. Searchable by Dragoons.

Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord

Basically Delinquent Duo on a 2800ATK body. Might seem hard to summon at first, but the deck can easily place 5 Waters in the grave. Searchable with Dragoons.


Adds back most of your monsters, works really well with Abyssmegalo.

Allure of Darkness

Basically there to Banish Controllers. Its really easy to get Controllers into your hand with Undines and Pike searching for Undine.

Pot of Avarice

The deck runs out of fuel really fast, so this helps to mitigate that problem. You can also regulate the graveyard for Moulinglacia.


Mainly searches out Linde, but can summon any of the other Mermails too. More explanation in the Combos Section.

Ultimate Offering

See Combos Section.

Extra Deck

Dewloren, Tiger Prince of the Ice Barrier

Great in a lot of combos, can be used to recycle your Abyss-Sphere and other cards. More in the Combos Section.

Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Triggers the effects of your Atlanteans when you use its effect.

Bahamut Shark

Usually to bring out Number 17:Leviathan Dragon or Mermail Abysstrite. One thing to note: Its drawback  states “This card cannot attack for the rest of this turn.” This means you can attack first then use its effect in MP2.

Mermail Abysstrite

Main target for Bahamut Shark’s effect. 2800DEF is really hard to get past and even if they do you can special summon another Mermail from your graveyard.

Abyss Dweller

Great card in the Mirror Match or Dark World (Firekings in the future). Easily brought out with Pike and Dragoons. Able to boost all your Water monsters by 500ATK when it has a Water XYZ Material.


Number 11: Big Eye

Brought out with Megaloabyss+Megaloabyss/Gungnir/Black Rose. Needed for some situations. Can steal face-down cards too.



Diva Combos (Diva)

NS Diva pull Marksman, Marksman attacks pull Dragoons. MP2 Diva and Dragoons for Dewloren, bounce Marksman.


NS Diva pull Marksman, Marksman attacks pull Attack Squad. MP2  Marksman and Attack Squad for Rank 3. Or just Scrap Dragon with everything.

Megalo+Diva OTK (Megalo+Diva)

SS Megalo, NS Diva pull Marksman. Megalo release Diva. Marksman attacks special Dragoons/Attack Squad. (1400+1800/2200+2400+2400)=8000/8400

Abyss Dweller (Diva+Dragoons)

NS Diva pull Infantry, NS Dragoons. SS Armory Arm with Diva and Infantry. Overlay Armory Arm and Dragoons for Abyss Dweller.

Librarian+Armory Arm (2x Diva)

NS Diva pull Infantry, NS Diva pull Marksman. Synchro Summon Librarian with Diva and Marksman. Synchro Summon Armory Arm with Diva and Infantry. Draw 1.

Librarian+Dweller+Moulinglacia (2x Diva)(Credits to Angel on DuelistGroundz)

NS Diva pull Infantry, NS Diva pull Marksman. Marksman attacks pull Dragoons. Diva+Marksman=Librarian, Diva+Infantry=Armory Arm – Draw 1. Overlay Armory Arm and Dragoons for Dweller, detach Dragoons search Moulinglacia. SS Moulinglacia (5 Waters – Diva/Marksman/Diva/Infantry/Dragoons)

End Result: Librarian + Dweller (1 Material and no boost) + Moulinglacia +Draw 1 Card and Discard 2 Card + 3600Damage(1400+1800+200+200)

Really good against the Mirror Match and even Dark Worlds(Dweller negates the cards you discarded with Moulinglacia)


EP “MST”? (Abyss-sphere+Marksman)

Set Sphere and End, before your opponent enters End Phase, open Sphere pulling Linde. End Phase destroy Sphere and Linde, pull Pike. Pike discard Marksman search and destroy one set card.

Diva+Sphere Advantage Gainer (Diva+Sphere)(Many variations)

NS Diva pull Marksman. Marksman attacks pull any Atlantean. Open Sphere pull Pike. SS Dewloren with Diva and Pike. Bounce Atlantean and Sphere.

Ultimate Offering (Ultimate Offering+Genex Undine)(Many variations)

NS Undine send Dragoons add Controller and Diva. Open Offering, NS Controller make Dewloren. NS Diva pull Diva. Dewloren bounce both Divas. NS Diva, pull Marksman, Synchro for Hyper Librarian. NS Diva pull Marksman. All attack, Marksman pulls Dragoons/Attack Squad for game. (3000+2400+600+1400+1800/2200)=9200 or 9600