Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Kycoo has been seeing some play as a tech in many OCG Prophecy Decklists. It has many applications against the Big 3 of this format.

The big Dragons cannot activate their effects. More importantly, Breakthrough Skill which was brought in to counter Jowgen cannot trigger its effect from the Graveyard.

It also allows you to make a come back against a first turn Dragosac with 2 Tokens while establishing control of the game. For example, you start with a hand of Judgment, Secrets and another Spellbook. Open Judgment, use Secrets (1) to fetch Magician, Magician fetches Power, use Power (2) on Magician, kill off one Token, search for a Master with Power’s effect. Use Master (3) by revealing the other Spellbook in hand to search for Tower. Open Tower (4). During the End Phase add 4 different Spellbooks to your hand including one Fate and Special Summon Kycoo. While still in your End Phase, use Fate by Banishing 3 Spellbooks from your Graveyard to get rid of Dragosac. Your opponent shouldn’t have many outs to Kycoo since he should have used up most of his hand resources T1.
* Getting rid of at least 1 Token is crucial because if you leave him with both of them, he can just tribute them for a Dragon.

Your opponent can’t activate Fate, Life and is forced to Banish from the hand to activate Priestess’ effect.

1800 isn’t too big, but their only monster that can get rid of it by itself is Heliotrope, however when paired with Power it can easily get past Ophion. Kerykion can’t activate its effect and you can also Banish his Kerykion fodder and targets.
If they EEV you T1 and you have Tower in hand along with 3 other Spellbooks, you can special Kycoo from your deck and somewhat establish control from there, with him unable to use his Kerykion.