Spellbook Star Hall


Power up!

Powers up your Spellcaster monsters by 100 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. It may not seem like much, but the Prophecy deck is able to amass Spell Counters on this card quite quickly.

Even if you are unable to amass many Spell Counters on this card, 100 ATK can do a lot.

Magician becomes 600, which may not seem like much, however once you account Power and Master into the equation, you get 2600 ATK, which is just nice to get past Ophion.

Kycoo becomes 1900, which means that Reactan can’t suicide with it.

It’s another Spellbook!

It counts as another Spellbook, which means that you can use more Spellbooks per turn. For example, you already have Tower on the field, and you used Judgment this turn. You only have Secrets with another random Spellbook that won’t be used, you go Secrets-Master-Star Hall, since it wouldn’t be good to add another Tower to place over your previous one.

Combo time!

Another combo that you can use against Dragons for their first turn Dracossack is:

Hand: Judgment, Secrets, Spellbook for Master’s Reveal

Opponent’s Field: Dracossack with 2 Tokens

Use Judgment, Secrets (1) for Magician, Magician for Master, Master (2) copy Secrets for Power.

Use Power (3) on Magician.

Magician attacks a Token and you search for Star Hall (Usually you go for Tower here instead).

Open Star Hall (4).

End Phase.

Add 4 Spellbooks including one Fate, Special Summon Kycoo. While still in the End Phase, use Fate to Banish the Dracossack, and placing 1 Spell Counter on Star Hall.

Now with Kycoo at 1900, you don’t have to be afraid of Reactan dying with him.

Search effect.

Other than waiting for your opponent to destroy this card, you can MST your own Star Hall or use Priestess’ Effect.

Though the search effect may not be very effective now, maybe in the future when we start playing World builds, we might need to play this in order to tutor out Temperance.

Also, with 1 Spell Counter, you can search out Veiler or the upcoming Blue-Eyed Maiden.

Arcane ownage!

If you somehow manage to get Arcanite Magician out with this card, you can remove counters from this card instead and destroy a lot of cards.

That’s all for today! See you next time!


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