Druid Arena Run #2


Decklist Decklist 2

Warrior (Loss) 0-1

Shaman (Win) 1-1

Crazed Alchemist on his Healing Totem. Had Shieldmasta on the field with 2 other minions, he summoned his own Shieldmasta. Next turn I dropped Ancient Mage followed by Wrath for 5 damage. Ended the game with a really huge turn bringing him down from 19 with a combo of Savage Roar and Power of the Wild.

Power of Wild+Savage Roar

Mage (Win) 2-1

Slow plusses from Keeper of the Grove and Stormpike Commando. Finished him off with a Charge from Druid of the Claw.

Hunter (Win) 3-1

Disconnected from this game, but I was saved by the Re-Connection Feature! Thanks Blizzard! Managed to rush him down with mainly 2 drops like 2x Bloodfen Raptor. He only had an Ironbeak Owl on the field for the whole game. Swipe to the face FTW.

Rogue (Win) 4-1

He was left with 6 Health, so I just went Bluegill Warrior and Savage Roar and he conceded.

Blue Gill + Savage Roar FTW

Druid (Loss) 4-2

He did a Violet Teacher into double Power of the Wild Combo which was very good, combined with his Demolisher which kept going for my face, I was beaten quite easily.

Mage (Win) 5-2

Made an early mistake of using my Crazed Alchemist on my Young Priestess before attacking rather than attacking with her first. Small mistake, but still a misplay nonetheless. Won with a combo of Bluegill Warrior, Savage Roar, Power of the Wild and Claw.

Bluegill and friends

Mage (Loss) 6-3

Did a cool combo by pumping my Venture Co. Mercenary up to 10/3 with Power of the Wild and Savage Roar, then swapped its stats with Crazed Alchemist. Still lost out in the end though.

Result: 53

Rewards: 115 Gold, 1 Pack (Gorehowl and Mortal Strike, not too bad)

Thoughts on the deck: The deck is average, doesn’t have too much removal which contradicts with Ancient Mage (Forced pick)(though in the second game I managed to go Ancient Mage and Wrath for 5 on his Shielmasta)

Bluegill Warrior put in quite a lot of work too, especially when used in conjuction with Savage Roar (Which I somehow managed to draw almost every game)

The deck has quite a lot of 2 drops, which means it has a very good early game, but other than that it doesn’t do that well in the late game. Double Chillwind Yeti is nice too.

*Non-game related stuff*

I added some colours for this post, hopefully making it easier to read. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it, I’ll see how the response is. (It took me like nearly 5 minutes to bold and colour the words)

Thanks for reading!


Paladin Arena Run #1

Decklist 1 Decklist 2



Mage (Win)

Mage (Win)

Mage (Win)

Paladin (Win)

Mage (Win)

Druid (Win)

Mage (Loss)

Mage (Loss)

Paladin (Win)

Mage (Win)

Druid (Loss)


6- Early game rushdown with double Divine Shield combined with a Stormwind Champion and Avenging Wrath to finish off the game.

8- Managed to get off a 8/3 Flesheating Ghoul with Defender and some other cards, which he Arcanite Reapered intolfinished it off with an Avenging Wrath

9- Hit him with a 8 ATK Flesheating Ghoul early on, it went on to become a 16/1 but got silenced by his topdecked Ironbeak Owl. End off with a Humilty and Avenging Wrath finisher on his Owl and Yeti.

11- Didn’t mange to get many high Health minions but managed to trade off quite well with him. Lost out in the end to double Swipes.

Result: 8-3

Rewards: 215 Gold, 1 Expert Pack (Managed to get a Golden Sunwalker/Secretkeeper and another Golden Common which I forgot, so not too bad)

Post run thoughts:

The deck did much better than I expected, it didn’t have a lot of good removal but it had a high amount of low Mana creatures. This allowed me to rush my opponent’s down most of the time, securing me a really good early game.

The Argent Protectors did really well for me, allowing me to get great value from many of my minions (especially Flesheating Ghoul and Questing Adventurer)

Flesheating Ghouls did quite well especially when I have 2 Noble Sacrifices to protect and pump them up at the same time.

Speaking of Noble Sacrifices, they helped me protect my 2 drops after I set them on the first turn. This allowed me to play more aggressively in the early game.

The Avenging Wrath put in tons of work, usually allowing me to end the games earlier or get rid of big creatures. Having synergy with both Humility and Equality helped out too.

The only thing that I disliked quite a lot from this deck is the Coldlight Oracle, but I was forced to pick it because the other options were even worse (including an Angry Chicken).

Faced quite a lot of Mages today, but I did well against them because I was usually able to nearly finish them off before they reached that critical Turn 7 for Flamestrike.

Thats all for today! Heres a picture of my 16/2 Flesheating Ghoul!



Hearthstone Blog

Link: LaurenHearthStone.wordpress.com

I’m starting up a new blog to record my experiences while playing Hearthstone. I used to play in the American server while in Beta, but now I’m starting up all over again with the Asia server.

I’ll be grinding through Arena for a while until I am able to build a decent enough deck that will allow me to compete in Ranked Play.


Just finished grinding through the tutorial and unlocking all the Heroes with the Mage deck.

Going for my first free Arena run soon.