Fish Synchro and Six Samurai Rant

It seems the deck is getting increasingly popular in both the TCG and the OCG.

In the TCG, its pretty solid because they have just received Gugnir in HA3 and Formula Synchron in STBL.

In the OCG, people are hyping up the deck due to Tech Genus Hyper Librarian to provide the deck with extra draw power. Can’t blame us, because Tech Genus Hyper Librarian is just that awesome and its legally released today!!

So people will start siding Effect Veilers if they haven’t already to stop Coelacanth’s effect. But most people forget that Coelacanth can negate Effect Veiler’s effect by tributing a Fish monster, so watch out for that. I’m not saying Veiler is not good, its amazing but I’m just stating out a fact that they can do that.

Also, remember that Armory Arm does not work under Cold Wave. So, don’t fall for the old Armory Arm + Collossal Fighter trick while under Cold Wave.

I wonder if it will be able to hold up against Six Samurais in the OCG. They can prevent your push by negating Cold Wave/Giant Trunade with TSS Shien and stopping your Coelacanth with Solemn Warning. So, thats a pretty tough matchup.

Lets just hope that they will be able to survive in this harsh meta where the Six Samurais are the kings.

Seriously, Six Samurais are really consistent, with triple Smoke Signal its almost like the Super Draw Raida deck with triple RoTA. They have Gateway and United for free pluses and TSS Shien with Magatama and Warning is a really hard lock to break.

Well, its another 3 months more till they get hit. Although, i’m not sure what they will do since the TCG will only get to play with them for 1 month when STOR gets released in February 2011. The prices of the TCG Six Samurai cards are ridiculous right now for something they might only be able to play for one month.

Lets just wait and see whether Konami will give up TCG STOR sales and hit them in March 2011 or if they will come up with something else. Maybe, they could split the TCG and OCG formats up again like in the DAD Return format. Although that would suck for the TCG guys who have to face this deck for a whopping 7 months.



It seems that Konami is planning to make the Gemknight fusions similar to that of the “Elemental” Hero Fusions.

With the release of Prismaura and Madeira there might be a chance that Konami will make other type based Gemknight Fusions too.

This will allow them to play Super Polymerization effectively, allowing a archetype other than Elemental Heroes to abuse it.

Although the two Gemknight Fusions in DT11 aren’t very useful, considering that they take advantage of two less popular types.


I just noticed that this deck is amazingly consistent.

With searchers like Ritua Abyss Ritua Erial, Ritua Marker, Shadow Ritua and Mirror.

With deck manipulation cards like Ritua Chain and Ritua Noeria.

Revival like Ritua Beast.

Recursion in the form of Meditation Technique of the Ceremonial Mirror.

And even their own “Spell Speed 4” enabler in Ritua Vanity .

What I really like about this deck is the deck manipulation. It has amazing synergy with Pot of Duality and Upstart Goblin. Summoning one of them and using PoD or Upstart Goblin is like stacking your deck.

Maybe people would start trying out high draw power variants of this decks to abuse Chain and Noeria.

Mirror also helps you recover some of the advantage lost when Ritual Summoning.

End of Post.