Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo VS Hieroglyph Dragons


Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

Earth/Rock – Effect/4/1200/1300

Neither player can Special Summon monsters. When this card is flipped face-up: Destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field.

This card is amazing when used against the new Hieroglyph Dragon deck. Its 1200 ATK  may seem measly, but once this card is successfully summoned  NONE of their Main Decked Monsters can get past it due to its effect that prevents Special Summons.

Nepthe, Tfeni, Shiyu and REDMD will be stuck in the hand while Aset can only be summoned at 1000ATK which is not enough to get past Fossil Dyna.

The only card that can get rid of it is Raigeki Break while Book of Moon still needs the help of Nepthe’s Effect to get rid of it properly, as Fossil Dyna’s second Effect can still trigger when it is flipped.

After siding, the Hieroglyph player may side in these cards that may pose a threat to your Fossil Dyna according to the Match-Up.

Koaki Meiru Drago

Thunder King Rai-Oh

Dark Hole

Mirror Force

Snowman Eater 

You can stop the  two cards at the top with cards like Bottomless Trap Hole (Which is most likely sided against Hieroglyph Dragons) or all the other Monster Removal that your deck may play. Even if you can’t stop them, at least you survived a turn as they have to Normal Summon either Monster and attack your Fossil Dyna.

As for Dark Hole and Mirror Force, nothing much can be done to protect your  Fossil Dyna short of Solemn Judgment unless you are playing Forbidden Lance. On the bright side, both cards are limited, so the chances of your Opponent getting either one is not very high.

Snowman Eater is usually sided against decks like Rabbit or Hero Beat and as usual nothing much can be done outside of cards like Forbidden Chalice, Nobleman of Crossout and Fiendish chain if they decide to flip it up manually.

Hope this post helps you guys out for when playing against Hieroglyph Dragons.


Flamvell Urquizas

Might see more play in Six Samurais now due to the increase in play of cards like Spirit Reaper and Kinetic Soldier.

Sometimes you don’t have the hand cards to go use Brionac’s effect to get through those cards.

Also works extremely well against Angels if they try to spam Mystic Shine Balls for defence. Or maybe if they side in Gellenduo against you.

Puppet Plant

With Six Samurai decks on the rise, this card is definitely seeing an increase in play in our sidedecks.

Its effect is actually quite simple and straightforward, its like a Brain Control for Warriors and Spellcasters without the cost. Note that I compared it to Brain Control instead of Change of Heart because it can only take control of one of your opponent’s face-up monster, which means it can be easily stopped by Book of Moon.

The main card which you wish to take control of with this card is that pesky True Six Samurai Shien. TSS Shien controls your usage of Spell/Trap cards by negating one of them each turn. By taking Shien, you can use it against them by negating their Spell/Trap cards instead of them negating yours.
It can also be used to kill their other monsters by battle.

Although Puppet Plant is amazing against Six Samurais, IMO it cannot be randomly splashed in any side deck. In the deck you wish to place it in, you must be able to make full use out of the “stolen” monster. This may come in the form of Synchro Summoning or Tributing. For example, Puppet Plant is extremely good in decks with lots of tuners such as Debris Plants or decks with alot of Tribute monsters such as Monarchs.

On the other hand, decks such as Hero Beat or Gladiator Beasts which lack the two requirements above should not play it, as they would be better off with other side deck choices.

End of Post.

Mask Change

I know its rather late to be posting about this card, but I just wanted for its effect to be confirmed first.

Its coming out in PP13 next March, although it has been previewed at the Jump Festa 2010.

Looks like rather good support for Fusion Heroes.

However, the main problem with this deck is the lack of Extra Deck space.

So far, only two Masked Heroes have been scheduled for release.

Gouka for the Fire type and Vapor for the Water type.

Not much use for Gouka right now, although Vapor could see some play along with Absolute Zero.

This card also allows your Heroes to dodge cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, similar to Swallow’s Nest.

Also if you activate this card as Chain Link 2 or higher, your opponent can’t use Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute on it.

Death Doughnuts

Released in Jump Festa Pack 2010 along with 2 reprints, 4 tokens and 4 other new cards cards. See Shriek for the full list.

The art is pretty interesting with a Donut in it, reminds me of Hungry Burger.

With 0 ATK and 0 DEF it kinda kills itself with its effect.

Its effect get rids Fluff Tokens, Cyber Valley, Snowman Eaters, Consecrated Light and the entire Inverz Archetype.

Works with Black Rose Dragon’s and Blackwing – Armor Master’s effect.

Not really that useful now. Maybe if Inverz gets really strong, but I highly doubt that.

Also, got my Asia Tournament Plus playmat from Simei just now. Those who want to get it, please note that you can only get it from the World of JJ Simei branch and you have to bring along the registration slip along with all 3 Duelist IDs.

Bottomless Trap Hole

It seems that the OCG meta is more or less defined right now, with Six Samurai, Blackwings and Debris Dandy at the top (IMO).

This renders Bottomless Trap Hole quite useless against  in two of the top 3 decks.

Against Six Samurais it can’t really stop them from summoning TSS Shien out, and even when TSS Shien comes out, it can negate your Bottomless Trap Hole. Aside from that, it can get rid of Grandmaster and Kizan, which IMO is not that important. Also, even if you use Bottomless Trap Hole on the Six Samurai monster, Bushido Counters still get added to Gateway and United. Although most builds do not main it, Magatama also stops Bottomless Trap Hole. Also, against Six Samurais, one of the best cards to stop them is Solemn Warning.

Against Debris Dandy, it has almost no use. Its usually cleared out by Rykos, and even if the Ryko’s didn’t get rid of it, chances are you won’t even be able to make full use of it, with your opponent summoning synchro monsters like Black Rose Dragon or Stardust Dragon. Maybe you could hit Cauis, but its already a floater.

The only top deck this card works well against is Blackwings, you can prevent their searches through Black Whirlwind or get to remove from play  Blizzard or Vayu targets. Even so, they can easily chain Icarus Attack to clear another two cards for a +1.

Also, Solemn Warning is just much better in many more situations than Bottomless Trap Hole.

These reasons might be why many players have opted to drop Bottomless Trap Hole from their decks.

Just my thoughts, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t play Bottomless Trap Hole or something. Personally, I am still playing 2 copies in my deck. Eventually it all comes down to whether or not your local meta is more Beatdown (Blackwings, Hero Beat, GB) based.

Also Jump Festa tomorrow, meaning Kaien, Malefic Stardust Dragon and 8 other cards reprinted.

Malefic Cyber End Dragon


Sorry for the late post, my phone ran out of juice at about 10PM, so I couldn’t upload the post yesterday.

It has an amazing artwork with an attack power to match it.

And, its a Malefic version of a Extra Deck monster. Which makes it kinda playable unlike Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes.

With 4000ATK and Machine as its type, its just begging to be abused with Limiter Removal.

As for the field spell, the only one that I think people would play this with would be Geartown for a more OTKish build.

Other than that, its restricted by the usual Malefic restrictions so there is really nothing to talk about.

And why the hell is its name in Silver instead of Gold? Does this mean that the Movie Pack will be having their cards in Secret Rare form too? This would be bad for those people who collected the Ultra Rare forms of those cards in the pack.