1st of March

Happy March 1st everybody.

Welcome to the new format where Goyo Guardian is gone and the Book of Moon we all know and love is limited.(Although I have to admit that was a really smart move by Konami)

On the brighter side, Cold Wave is gone too, which means that we can set our backrows more freely now.

Decks to watch out for:
Hero Beat
Grave BF
Six Samurais
Doppel Dandy (Can’t call it that now since Dandylion os at 1)
Karakuri Machiner Plants
And maybe even Frog Monarchs and Dragunities

For the TCG:
Fish OTK

Hero Beat is extremely good this format because Book of Moon is limited, this makes Gemini Spark one of the best Quickplay Spells in the game right now. Along with Super Polymerization, these two cards allow the deck to fight back against cards like Trap Stun and Royal Decree. With large beatsticks like Alius and Raiou, expect to see this deck often in the coming months.

Grave BF or Vayu Turbo in the TCG is variant of Blackwings that mainly focus on the advantage Vayu brings through its effect. Vayu’s effect dodges Solemn Warning, so it is rather good right now. This deck poses a large threat against Hero Beat especially, because most of their monsters have attack powers in the 2000-2800 range, making it difficult for their 1900 Beatsticks to get through. However, I am unsure how this deck will perform in the future especially with cards like Bottomless Trap Hole regaining its popularity.

Six Samurais might come back for another fight this format even after their Gateway got limited. Luckily they received support in the form of Shien’s Dojo to give them a little more chance in this format. With Gateway limited, the deck is unable to consistently gain insane amounts of advantage through it. This makes their cards more precious to them and they must make sure not to overcommit to the field without protection, as a simple Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute could mean game if they cannot make a comeback. Shien is still strong, however Book of Moon’s limitation helped it as well as harmed it. Without Book of Moon to protect Shien, it is extremely prone to getting destroyed by monsters. On the other hand, Book of Moon will hardly be used to force a negation of Shien. So lets see if they are able to fight as well as they did in the last format.

Doppel Dandy should be amazing this format with Book of Moon at 1 and Chaos Sorcerer at 3. Without Book of Moon to stop them, they can perform their Hyper Librarian+Formula Synchron combos easily. This also sets up for Chaos Sorcerer to be summon to make easy pluses each turn.

Agent Angels, this is one deck I fear the most as it is one of the hardest to stop. I don’t think this deck is good for the game, I would even go as far to call this deck sacky. A simple opening with Earth and protection could win them the game easily with Hyperion or Kristya in hand. The deck is highly dangerous with Valhalla which cannot be stopped by Solemn Warning. One of the worst situations that you may encounter is when your opponent draw it on his opening turn along with Kristya, this situation is extremely hard for most decks to get through especially with Book of Moon at 1, without Book of Moon, Kristya would keep coming back each turn to stop your special summons, luckily we still have 2 Mystical Space Typhoons to help us get rid of Valhalla. Other than that, the deck can make comebacks from the most dire of situations with a simple topdeck of Hyperion or Kristya, so watch out for that. However, the deck is extremely weak against Royal Oppression, so it should usually win you the game unless they have an out to it. Expect thus to be the deck everyone complains about, similar to Gravekeepers in the TCG.

Karakuri Machiner Plants is a deck which is seeing rising popularity in the past month. It is able to easily swarm the field with Karakuri Synchro Monsters and win the game. With triple Bureido, they are able to establish a draw  engine that nets them 3 extra cards each turn. This deck should be extremely strong in the coming months, so remember to pack your Cyber/Chimeratech Fortress Dragons and System Downs.

Psychics have gained alot of support in Extreme Victory, this will make them playable and even competitive. I don’t really know much about this deck, but you can check them out at DuelingDays as well as DuelistCodex.

Frog Monarchs could be competitive in this format with Solemn Warning down to 2 and Effect Veiler seeing less play. Reaper to 2 helps them quite alot too. Nothing much to say except that they are able to defeat decks that require alot of setup easily.

Dragunities could also see some play especially with Book of Moon down to 1. Consistently bringing out level 5-8 Synchro Monsters each turn is really strong. They even have Trident Dragion to net them quick wins.

X-Sabers have always been very strong but sadly Book of Moon could easily stop their plays. Now with Book of Moon at 1, they will definitely see a comeback unless Hero Beat gets rid of them with their Quickplays and Raiou. They may have lost Cold Wave but Trap Stun has gotten much stronger through the limitation of Book of Moon. Expect to see this deck often in the TCG meta.

Gravekeepers are also contenders in the next format. Royal Tribute to 2 had almost no effect on them.
Its still extremely strong when used in the early game. If Chaos Sorcerer starts to see an increase in play this deck will become one of its counters.

Fish OTK, with Gold Sarcophagus at 3 the deck should become much stronger, they can also rely on Trap Stun since Book of Moon is limited. The deck will also become significantly stronger once Hyper Librarian is released in the TCG. Lets just hope that the Colossal/Armory Arm OTK continues to stay legal in the TCG.

Thats all for today. These are just my assumptions on what will be played in this format, they may not necessarily be true and even more so especially when Zexal introduces Exceed Summons and the new Priority Ruling.

Have a nice format.


Quickdraw Plants VS Debris Plants

Both decks are similar in playstyle because Debris Plant is essentially originated from Quickdraw Plants.

Quickdraw Plants was first brought to fame by Jeff Jones in SJC New Jersey. It took advantage of the synergy between Quickdraw Synchron and Debris Dragon had with Dandylion. Drill Warrior would then act as a reverse toolbox, allowing the player to retrieve monster cards from the graveyard. This reverse toolbox is further fueled by the high amounts of milling involved caused by Ryko, Card Trooper and Foolish Burial. The Fluff Tokens produced by Dandylion could also protect the player from damage while Drill Warrior was away. This dragged duels for quite some time while Drill Warrior drilled into the opponent’s life points by attacking directly 1200 points at a time. Many players tried out the deck to great success and eventually it became one of the top decks in the metagame.

Then, the September 2010 Banlist arrived. People were expecting the deck to be hit badly, however Konami decided not to harm the deck and instead they decided to boost it by putting Black Rose Dragon back to 3. This made many players assume that Quickdraw Plants would be the best deck of the format.

Over time, more and more synchros were released for the deck. Cards such as Scrap Dragon, Junk Destroyer, Formula Synchro were released. Extra deck space was getting extremely tight and players had to solve the problem.

Drill Warrior was also becoming less appealing due to everybody playing Solemn Warning in multiples. A Solemn Warninged Drill Warrior is essential a 1 for 3, and could easily cost you the game.

So eventually, most people decided to drop Quickdraw Synchron entirely to make space for more tech choices such as Cauis or Effect Veiler. This also cleared up more space in the extra deck for the newer synchro monsters.

Surprisingly, the deck worked better than expected without Quickdraw. The deck has topped in many large tournaments and even won YCS Milan.

It seems that the deck would completely replace Quickdraw Plants.

However, with the rising of Frog Monarchs due to the release of Formula Synchron. Quickdraw Plants might see more play, solely because of Drill Warrior. Debris Plants has an extremely bad matchup against Frog Monarchs due to their tendency to set their cards to setup their combos. Quickdraw Plants on the other hand will most likely have the game won the moment Drill Warrior comes out.

Quickdraw Plants could be amazing against Debris Plants too, because of Drill Warrior and Nitro Warrior.

Debris Plants are usually limited to one big play per turn such as Debris Dragon pulling a Dandylion. This means that once the opponent uses Effect Veiler on Debris Dragon, there isn’t much to do. But Quickdraw Plants can continue to make more plays with Quickdraw Synchron.

So, Quickdraw Plants or Debris Plants, its your choice.

Thats all for today.

Fish Synchro and Six Samurai Rant

It seems the deck is getting increasingly popular in both the TCG and the OCG.

In the TCG, its pretty solid because they have just received Gugnir in HA3 and Formula Synchron in STBL.

In the OCG, people are hyping up the deck due to Tech Genus Hyper Librarian to provide the deck with extra draw power. Can’t blame us, because Tech Genus Hyper Librarian is just that awesome and its legally released today!!

So people will start siding Effect Veilers if they haven’t already to stop Coelacanth’s effect. But most people forget that Coelacanth can negate Effect Veiler’s effect by tributing a Fish monster, so watch out for that. I’m not saying Veiler is not good, its amazing but I’m just stating out a fact that they can do that.

Also, remember that Armory Arm does not work under Cold Wave. So, don’t fall for the old Armory Arm + Collossal Fighter trick while under Cold Wave.

I wonder if it will be able to hold up against Six Samurais in the OCG. They can prevent your push by negating Cold Wave/Giant Trunade with TSS Shien and stopping your Coelacanth with Solemn Warning. So, thats a pretty tough matchup.

Lets just hope that they will be able to survive in this harsh meta where the Six Samurais are the kings.

Seriously, Six Samurais are really consistent, with triple Smoke Signal its almost like the Super Draw Raida deck with triple RoTA. They have Gateway and United for free pluses and TSS Shien with Magatama and Warning is a really hard lock to break.

Well, its another 3 months more till they get hit. Although, i’m not sure what they will do since the TCG will only get to play with them for 1 month when STOR gets released in February 2011. The prices of the TCG Six Samurai cards are ridiculous right now for something they might only be able to play for one month.

Lets just wait and see whether Konami will give up TCG STOR sales and hit them in March 2011 or if they will come up with something else. Maybe, they could split the TCG and OCG formats up again like in the DAD Return format. Although that would suck for the TCG guys who have to face this deck for a whopping 7 months.

Reprints in SD20

Just saw the scan of the cardlist of SD20 on LGQ’s blog.

It seems that there are quite a few good reprints in the deck apart from Krystia.

Honest was expected while Consecrated Light was quite a surprise.

Splendid Venus got its reprint, which is somehow a good thing because it can stop TSS Shien and Magatama.

Structure Deck 20 – Lost Sanctuary

With the new structure deck coming out by this Saturday if all goes well. I might as well talk about it.

SD20 is not as hyped up as the two decks preceding it (SD 18 and SD 19).

So far, the only good reprint is Archlord Krystia, but I believe that it will have other good cards such as Honest. And for some reason, i’m expecting The Splendid Venus, Tethys, The Goddess of Light and even Tualatin. Or maybe, Konami might just start to make random reprints like the Herald monsters just to improve sales.

Its 5 new cards have been confirmed, Master Hyperion, The Agent of Mystery – Earth, The Agent of Wonder – Jupiter, Treasure of Heaven and Divine Punishment.

So theres no hope for a better version of The Sanctuary in the Sky, making the new cards sort of weak except Treasure of Heaven.

Master Hyperion is sort of a DAD for Agents with an easier summoning condition but less usable effect. It is also less splashable than DAD since it requires you to remove from play one Agent monster to special summon it from your hand. But it could be played in other decks when splashed with Valhalla. Its the Boss monster of the deck and it somewhat similar to Machina Fortress.

The Agent of Mystery – Earth is a searcher for all Agents except itself and Master Hyperion if there is a face-up The Sanctuary in the Sky. Its always a plus one if you successfully summon it and activate its effect, so its pretty cool. It is also a tuner, which allows for some versatility. You could even summon Stardust Divinity in the the for fun if you have it (which I highly doubt). So, its pretty much the Machina Gearframe of the deck.

The Agent of Wonder – Jupiter is the attack increaser of the deck as well as the revival if you have The Sanctuary in the Sky on the field. Its 1800 ATK is quite good for some beatdown, it could also be pumped up to 2600 ATK with its effect.

Treasure of Heaven is one of the better cards in the deck. Its splashable in Herald decks, Counter Faeries as well as maybe some KrystiaSworn Variant. It gives those decks the speed they need to compete with the other top tier decks. Maybe Counter Faeries could make a comeback with 3 Pot of Dualities, 3 Treasure of Heaven and 3 Upstart Goblins.

Divine Punishment would be a pretty strong card if it did not require you to play a weak field spell like The Sanctuary in the Sky.

It seems like this deck isn’t that amazing due to its reliance on a weak field spell, I thought Konami learnt that when they made Dragon Canyon in SD19 or maybe even Zombie World in SD15. Making a new field spell would also mean more people buying three of the decks to play it. So unless this deck has more amazing reprints or further support in Extreme Victory, I don’t expect it to sell that well.

Frog Monarchs

It seems that the current formats in both the OCG and TCG are extremely favourable for this deck to shine.

In the OCG, we have Six Samurais, the deck requires some sort if setup to explode, but with the Raiza loop spinning their cards and Thestalos burning their hand away, they won’t be able to do it. If the Frog Monarch player decides to play Battle Fader, it would help in countering the Six Samurai deck’s OTKs too, as the only way to stop it is through Solemn Warning. The Frog Monarch player can also side in 3 copies of Puppet Plant as the 4th, 5th and 6th copies of Soul Exchange which can’t even be stopped by TSS Shien. Also, Magatama of the Musakami is practically useless in this matchup as the Frog Monarch deck does not have any card that destroys other than maybe Dark Hole.

In the TCG, they have X-Saber and Gravekeepers. X-Sabers require some monster setting in order to setup and explode unless they draw the Boggart Knight, Tuner and Faultroll hand. This makes them extremely susceptible to Cauis and Raiza. Gravekeepers too require alot of setting, and Necrovalley has hardly any effect on the Frog Monarch deck. However if the Gravekeeper player rips out a Royal Tribute, the Frog Monarch player is pretty much dead.

However, all of the decks above play Solemn Warning which is the Frog Monarch deck’s worst enemy. And most people side Effect Veiler which also stops the Frog Monarch deck.

Light Hero Beat (Traps)

First of all, happy 1st of September. From now onwards, there will be no more Substitoad, Rescue Cat and Heavy Storm, set your spell and traps freely, however beware of cards like Black Rose Dragon and Royal Decree. Finally, the game breaking Brain Control has been banned. Now we will have to watch out for cards like Dark Hole and Monster Reborn.

Time for the Trap part of my deck review.


Starlight Road: Even with Heavy Storm banned, this card can still stop other cards like Black Rose Dragon, Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force.


Hero Blast: Really strong in this deck, can easily net you a +1 in terms of card advantage. It also has high synergy with Gemini Spark.


Solemn Warning: Mostly to control the field, can negate the summons of opposing Blackwings or Gemini monsters, preventing your opponent from activating Icarus Attack and Gemini Spark respectively.


Trap Dust Shoot: Although many players have decided to drop this card from their main decks, I still kept it in my main deck because I believe that the advantage in terms of card knowledge this card brings is too good for it to be removed. However, when facing spell/trap heavy decks I will probably side it out for something else.


Mind Crush: Really good when used in conjuction with Trap Dust Shoot, it can also be good against any deck that mains Pot of Duality.


Dust Tornado: For some extra spell/trap removal other than Mystical Space Typhoon.


Royal Oppression: Special summoning negation is really useful against Debris Dragon based decks and Herald of Perfection decks.

Mirror Force/Torrential Tribute/Bottomless Trap Hole/Solemn Judgment: Staples

Also, do you guys think I should keep the pictures or remove them. Because I find them pretty messy and they could make reading my posts a hassle with all the scrolling.