Duel Puzzle 2

It seems that the first duel puzzle was to easy for most people as it was solved almost immediately by some. Congrats to those who managed to solve it properly. Just wanted to show some people the alternate effects which people usually ignore. I prefer making simple Duel Puzzles as chances are, the harder ones will most likely be ignored due to their difficulty.

So, there are many ways to go around solving the first Duel Puzzle, although most or not all of them end up with a Trishula.

My model answer is quite simple.

During your Opponent’s End Phase, activate Limit Reverse to summon Dandylion.

On your own Main Phase 1, change Dandylion to Defense postion to destroy it. Summon two Fluff Tokens.

Summon Debris Dragon pull Dandylion, make Trishula and win.

There are also other answers involving Sangan and Doppel Warrior, but it has the same ending.

So, heres the second Duel Puzzle.

Its a little harder than the first one, but you should be able to solve it if you have been reading my blog since the beginning.

Opponent’s LP: 3400

Opponent’s Field: GB Gyazarus, GB Chariot (F/D)(He will not use this on your LADD negating a Treeborn Frog)

Opponent’s Graveyard: Final Countdown (19th Turn)

Your LP: 100

Your Field: LADD (@ 2300 ATK)

Your Graveyard:  Treeborn Frog, Jinzo

Your Hand: Cauis

It is your Standby Phase, win in this turn or die to Final Countdown during your End Phase.

Duel Puzzle Conditions:

You must reduce your opponent’s LP to 0 by the end of the turn, the damage caused may or may not be exact. (This is to see what other creative ideas people may have)

Your Main deck and Extra deck can contain any card in the game as long as they follow the current September 2010 Banlist. Also both TCG and OCG Exclusives are allowed.

Any luck based solution to this Duel Puzzle will not be accepted. (It seems that many people tried to use these kinds of solutions to solve Duel Puzzle 1)

*Your opponent will not Chariot your LADD negating a Treeborn Frog.


Duel Puzzle 1

Nothing much to post nowadays. So I decided to create some short duel puzzles to widen your knowledge of the combos we can do.

Life Points: 2700
Hand: Battle Fader
Field: Neko-Mane King

Life Points: 100
Hand: Debris Dragon
Field: Limit Reverse (F/D)
Graveyard: Dandylion, Sangan, Reckless Greed Card Trooper

It is your opponent’s End Phase.

You can’t draw next turn due to Reckless Greed.

Win on your next turn.

I will be posting the answer once someone solves it or three days later.

Anyway its pretty simple once you read everything properly.