Gold Series 2011

So, the list has been out since Friday.

There are quite a few subpar cards here. For example, Mask of Darkness, Riryoku, Blazes of Demise and Widespread Ruin.

Compared to the first two sets, this set does not have much appeal to newer players except for maybe Trishula, Dark Hole and maybe Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

Although it could help newer Debris Dandy players alot through Ryko and Chaos Sorceror.

I expected Gugnir to be the second Normal Rare, however it is not. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon as the Normal Rare is not really that great, as the price of its Ultra Rare version is no more than $20 unlike Gugnir.

I don’t really recommend anybody buying a box if you already have a Trishula, you will be better off buying the singles.

One extremely bad thing about this set is that there is a chance that there will be no Normal Rare in your box at all. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a Trishula or Chimeratech Fortress Dragon in yours.