Year of 2010

Finally this year has ended.

We have experienced many ups and downs in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh.

I will be listing them here in chronological order.

20 February 2010
The Shining Darkness:

Overall, this expansion was bad for the game with cards like Ronintoad and Herald of Perfection.

Ronintoadin gave rise to the most broken deck in the March 2010 format. Frog FTK was extremely consistent and could defeat your opponent before he started his turn easily. The deck then took the Yu-Gi-Oh world by storm and eventually won the Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2010. Of course, any FTK deck is bad for the game as it minimises interaction with the opponent, making it a horrible experience for him.

Perfect Herald brought back the use of Ritual cards. The deck was pretty consistent but it was kind of sacky and made many players unhappy.

Infernity was extremely strong in both the OCG and TCG. In their respective territories, Trishula and Infernity Barrier helped the deck to climb up to tier 1.

X-Sabers gained Darksoul and Boggartknight, making the deck much better through more consistency and the ability to make more pushes respectively.

1 March 2010
March 2010 Banlist:

This banlist took care of Lightsworns and Zombies quite well. It also hit Blackwings and Anti-Meta decks a little. Dandylion went to 2, giving birth to new variants of Lightsworns and Quickdraw Variants. Cyber Dragon to 2 made it harder to play Machine decks due to Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

17 April 2010
Duelist Revolution:

Next up is DREV, arguably one of the best sets in Yu-Gi-Oh, it brought about many great cards like Pot of Duality, Solemn Warning and Effect Veiler. It also introduced the Scrap archetype along with Scrap Dragon which is now a generic synchro monster.

Pot of Duality is just amazing, the consistency it brings helped alot of decks to become even more playable (eg. Blackwings and Hero Beat). Soon, almost all decks started to play this card, even Infernities and Perfect Herald played it to get to their combo pieces more often.

Solemn Warning is another amazing card. It stops all forms of summoning at the cost of 2000 Life Points. It made control decks better by providing them with more protection against monsters. Soon, all almost decks started to play this card due to the importance of having a monster on the field.

Effect Veiler helped alot in the meta. With Frog FTK and Infernities rampant in the format, Effect Veiler helped to stop their key cards (eg. Substitoad, Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Necromancer).

The Scrap archetype, although not widely played, you can find Scrap Dragon in almost all players’ extra decks. Scrap Dragon is an easy to summon generic synchro monster which provides 1 for 1 card destruction each turn (although you can abuse this). This card made Debris Dragon variants much better.

17 July 2010
Starstrike Blast:

Nothing interesting here except Formula Synchron and maybe Tuning.

1 September 2010
September 2010 Banlist:

Currently, the format is pretty bad with Frogs (FTK and Monarchs) at the top. Luckily, Substitoad got hit, leaving the FTK variant dead and the Monarch variant just playable with Treeborn Frog to 3.

Rescue Cat got hit, making decks based on it dead. It affected X-Sabers a little too.

Heavy Storm getting hit is one of the best things that have happened in game IMO. It allows control decks to become stronger with less outs to their backrows while OTK decks become weaker with less ways to get around backrows.

IMO, Cold Wave was left out in this list. It just too broken, especially with Black Rose Dragon going to 3.

Brain Control was banned too. It was just too strong, allowing players to sack their way out of games where their opponent has total control.

Monster Reborn and Dark Hole also got unbanned.

Trishula brought to 1 was an expected move.

Infernities also got hit with Trishula and Infernity Launcher limited.

Chaos Sorceror to 2 and Cyber Dragon to 3.

Black Whirlwind to 1.

13 November 2010
Storm of Ragnarok:

Before this expansion, the meta was great, with lots of decks having the chance to win.

However once the True Six Samurai cards were released, the meta was broken with the True Six Samurais at the top.

Nothing really interesting other than the True Six Samurais.

11 December 2010
Structure Deck 20 – The Lost Sanctuary:

The deck had some impact on the meta, Master Hyperion is like a DAD for them. Earth can search out the key cards too. Eventually, the deck achieved tier 1 status in the OCG with the help of cards like Archlord Krystia.

Thats my recap of 2010, hope you enjoyed it.

Thats all for today.

And I wish all of you a Happy New Year.


Monster Binder



Went to Thousand Taste Trading today, just to see what the shop is like right now. As well as to look for some card supplies like sleeves and deckboxes.

When I first reached there, the shop was empty, with only the shop owner and his assistant.

I looked around for a while, but could not find anything I want.

Just as I was about to leave, I turned back for a moment and noticed this!!!!

So I bought one at about $39.90.

It has nice holographic covers (I’m not exactly sure what should I call that). And the black pages bring out the colors of some of my sleeves and cards.

But one of the coolest things about this binder is that it is a sideloading binder. This means that your cards can’t drop out from your binder when you hold it vertically upside down.

Just sharing what I bought today with my fellow Singaporeans. Because I know this post won’t really matter to my Western readers.

Sorry about the photos, I’m uploading this post on my phone and can’t arrange the locations of the photos.

Change of Blogging Pace

I have decided that I should stop blogging everyday as I’m feeling that its kind of a chore.

Also, most of my posts are pretty boring as compared to the other blogs.

Sort of like quantity over quality.

So, from today onwards I will stop blogging everyday while trying to produce higher quality posts.

New Blog Look

So, as you can see, I took some time to change the look of my blog as I felt has been quite some time since I first started this blog (156 Days to be exact).

Hope you guys will like the new changes.

On the left hand side of every post there will be a date followed by my name, the category and then the comments section.

On the right hand side, there will be a sidebar where there is an introduction box, search bar, an image of Tech Genus Hyper Librarian, a Calendar, Recent Posts, Monthly Archives and the Meta bar which most of you won’t be able to use.

Also, I kinda removed the Blogroll since nobody ever comes to my blog to click the Blogroll as blogs like Only The Duel or Sazabi’s Blog have better blogrolls than mine. Unless somebody can teach me how to place Blogrolls like those on WordPress, it will most probably stay this way.

Thats all for now, I think I should be able to make another Yu-Gi-Oh related blog post later in the day.

Buying Hyper Librarians

So, I went out with some friends to look for the Weekly Jump Magazines.

Not suprisingly, the Kinokuniya branch at Takashimaya was selling the books so quickly that they had to limit the books to one per customer.

And the Liang Court branch only had 6 copies left when I got there, but sadly they were bought by the people from Jurong. Luckily I reserved a few copies in advance, so I could get some for my friends and I.

Didn’t bother going to the Bugis branch.

Then we went back home by MRT, it was really hard to handle 16 books by myself from the MRT Station to my home.

Seeing as how quickly these books sell, Konami could just boost Shusheia’s sales by placing broken cards in every issue.

Wonder why don’t they do that, well they must have their own reasons for not doing so.

Its like, no matter how many copies Kinokuniya imports, they will be able to sell all of them off.

Anyway, it seems Hyper Librarian is the best Tech Genus Synchro monster so far. Power Gladiator and Wonder Magician are just ok and Blade Gunner has been nerfed quite badly.

Thats all for today.

Fish Synchro and Six Samurai Rant

It seems the deck is getting increasingly popular in both the TCG and the OCG.

In the TCG, its pretty solid because they have just received Gugnir in HA3 and Formula Synchron in STBL.

In the OCG, people are hyping up the deck due to Tech Genus Hyper Librarian to provide the deck with extra draw power. Can’t blame us, because Tech Genus Hyper Librarian is just that awesome and its legally released today!!

So people will start siding Effect Veilers if they haven’t already to stop Coelacanth’s effect. But most people forget that Coelacanth can negate Effect Veiler’s effect by tributing a Fish monster, so watch out for that. I’m not saying Veiler is not good, its amazing but I’m just stating out a fact that they can do that.

Also, remember that Armory Arm does not work under Cold Wave. So, don’t fall for the old Armory Arm + Collossal Fighter trick while under Cold Wave.

I wonder if it will be able to hold up against Six Samurais in the OCG. They can prevent your push by negating Cold Wave/Giant Trunade with TSS Shien and stopping your Coelacanth with Solemn Warning. So, thats a pretty tough matchup.

Lets just hope that they will be able to survive in this harsh meta where the Six Samurais are the kings.

Seriously, Six Samurais are really consistent, with triple Smoke Signal its almost like the Super Draw Raida deck with triple RoTA. They have Gateway and United for free pluses and TSS Shien with Magatama and Warning is a really hard lock to break.

Well, its another 3 months more till they get hit. Although, i’m not sure what they will do since the TCG will only get to play with them for 1 month when STOR gets released in February 2011. The prices of the TCG Six Samurai cards are ridiculous right now for something they might only be able to play for one month.

Lets just wait and see whether Konami will give up TCG STOR sales and hit them in March 2011 or if they will come up with something else. Maybe, they could split the TCG and OCG formats up again like in the DAD Return format. Although that would suck for the TCG guys who have to face this deck for a whopping 7 months.

Freedom and Ethics

Finally my “O” Levels are over, this means more time for Yu-Gi-Oh and hopefully better quality posts on this blog. I know that many of the past posts on this blog are not really that great, so expect better posts now that I have more time.

So, today I went to some shop (I will not name it unless you ask me to) to buy some STOR, and guess what, they had a “brand new” box, whats more they allowed me to choose the packs by seeing. Of course I was very happy, so I carefully picked out 6 packs that I knew had foils in them. Later, I went outside to open the packs and to my dismay there was not even one foil, I was extremely sure that I had picked out the “different” packs. Later I went back and used my hands to feel all the packs in the box, and I found that there were no foils at all.

The shopkeeper must have takenĀ  out the 6 foil packs and replaced them with another 6 non-foil packs. I was extremely sure he did that, because later I did the same thing with his “new” STBL box and I got the same results. He was even smiling to himself when I opened the packs and found no foils. Whats more is that his packs cost $3.50 each, thats alot compared to shops like Funz Centre who sell packs at $2.80.

I find this extremely unethical, not that me “feeling” the packs in the first place is correct. He shouldn’t do that to his own packs as it will seriously make him lose his Yu-Gi-Oh customers. And he should be honest enough to tell his customers that his packs had feel “searched” before. I have seen some really good shopowners who tell their customers that their packs have been “searched” before such as the ex-bishan shopowner and even in Hougang there is a shop that sells non-foil packs for $1. This is how they should do their business in order to attract more customers.