Rock Paper Scissors

After reading Team Rose Bud’s post on RPS, I believe it makes alot of sense.

Due to the importance of starting first in this game, RPS will allow players to change the outcome of the duel rather than the usual die roll.

Some people might say that RPS is almost as luck-based as the die roll. But actually RPS requires a slight amount of skill especially in best two out of three matches. A player will be able to make reads based on his opponent’s tendency to make reads on him.

However, RPS has some problems, especially when there is some lag when either player shows their choice. The best way to solve this problem is to use a RPS die and hide it behind your hand with your choice at the top, then both players reveal their choices.

So try it out yourself, best two out of three RPS matches. It requires much more skill then the usual die roll.