29/12/2012 Active Game Collections Tournament

Deck: Wind-Ups (Coat of Arms/Invoker/Warrior Build)

Javier (Chaos Dragons) OXO

Game 1: Forgot how I won.

Game 2: I think I got beat down by Lightpulsar Dragon.

Game 3: He Dualitied into Maxx “C” while I had TGU+Shark in hand. Luckily, I topped into Dimensional Fissure. I opened D.Fissure and baited out his Maxx “C” Won next turn with TGU+Shark.

Jeff (Ninja Chaos Dragons) OXX

Game 1: I think I won with Magi/TGU + Shark.

Game 2: I think I got owned by his Messier 7 taking back a Maxx “C”

Game 3: He summoned Hanzo and searched for Super Transformation and set it. I couldn’t do much and eventually he won by tributing his Ryko and Lightpulsar for REDMD and reviving Lighpulsar.

Wesley (Sacred) OO

Game 1: I had too many backrows and he couldn’t summon any of his XYZ monsters.

Game 2: He went first and summoned Constellar Pollux, I summoned Wind-Up Rabbit and took direct attacks from Pollux for about 4 turns until I managed to stall into Magician+Shark along with Reborn and Shark. I did the first Magician+Shark combo before Zenmaity and stuff and baited out the Torrential Tribute. I then used Reborn to bring back Magician and did the MagiShark combo again. Ending with a field of Papilloperative, Zenmaity, Rabbit, Magician and Rabbit (Somehow, I was reading a Mirror Force for I don’t know what reason)(Meant to go into Shock Master but I forgot that my 3rd Magician was in the Graveyard after I brought out my Rabbit with Zenmaity’s Effect)

I set Mind Crush and used it without noticing that I had no cards in hand to use it. We later both noticed, so we continued with the game.

Next turn I just attacked with all of my monsters for game. Really bad play from me this game, from the Shock Master play to the Mind Crush.

Daniel (Verz Rabbit) XX

Game 1: I think I got beat down easily this game.

Game 2: I drew like 2 Magicians along with 2 Tour Guides. I set the Magician and I think he didn’t dare to attack being afraid of Snowman/Sangan. I then drew into my third Magician and I set it again. I finally drew into my Wind-Up Rabbit which I summoned. Followed by flipping up both of my set Magicians. Slight misplay from me where I Banished Rabbit and made the Magician’s Effects CL1 and CL2, which in turn got punished by Maxx “C” and I was forced to bring out my two other Rabbit.

Stalled for a bit with my 2 Magicians with their 1800DEF against Daniel’s Evilswarm Castor with its 1750ATK. Until he managed to bring out Diawolf to pop my set Dust Tornado followed by a Dark Armed Dragon (Really good play from him here). He then cleared both my Magicians and started to attack me for 2800 each turn. (I had Compulsory set but I didn’t really want to use it now, hoping that he would pop it with DAD’s Effect and reading a Deck Devastation Virus from him)(This would in turn punish me in later turns where I would draw into more Monsters and get hit harder by his DDV). Next turn I drew into my Sangan, so my hand was Magician, TGU, TGU, Sangan. I eventually was forced to use the Compulse and he indeed had the DDV, I topped into two Rats the following turns and lost soon after. I drew a really terrible hand this game, but I believe I definitely could have won, if not for my misplays, so I blame myself for losing. Props to Daniel for playing so well. (He eventually won the Tournament).

Sazabi (Mermail Atlanteans) OO

Game 1: I had Magician+Shark+Storm to his one backrow. I Stormed his Abyss-Sphere and he brought out Megalo. My Magician+Shark was stopped by Effect Veiler, I didn’t play Utopia or Zenmaister to get past it, so I could only end with Maestroke flipping his Megalo F/D and a set Bottomless Trap Hole. On his turn he MSTed by BTH and tried to go for a big play, Summon Diva pull Infantry, Tribute Diva for Megalo Effect, Salvage back the Diva, Summon it and pull Marksman. Diva+Infantry for Gantetsu which I Veilered. (Note: I didn’t Veiler earlier because I was expecting Moulinglacia for some reason, and my cards in hand were quite important, Rat and something else I think) I forgot why his Marksman couldn’t get a hit in (Might have missed something out).

I forgot how, but I managed to summon Tiras+Zenmaines to clear one of his Gantetsu’s Materials and destroy his Megalo.

The following turn I made Papilloperative and turned his Gantetsu to attack position and I won from there.

Game 2: He had a set monster, I had Dimensional Fissure and Shark. Shark attacked into his Linde. I won the following turn.



3-2 (OXOXO)

Finished at 10th position and didn’t get into Top 8.


After Tournament Thoughts: 

I definitely could have played a lot better in this Tournament. Wind-Ups are extremely hard to play perfectly, but I hope I can do better in the next tournament (Need to get more IRL practice in). I have already learnt quite a lot from playing Wind-Ups and definitely can learn more.


29/12/2012 Active Game Collections Tournament Results:

1st/2nd (Split): William Oh (Verz Rabbit)/Daniel Ang (Verz Rabbit)

3rd: Jeff Soh (Ninja Chaos Dragons)

4th: Vishal Dharsan (Dark Worlds)

5th: Darius (Fire Kings)

6th: Cassandra Ang (Verz Rabbit)

7th/8th (Split): Ben Tan (Inzektors)/Bryan Chua (Wind-Ups)

Metagame Breakdown for Top 8

3 Verz Rabbit

1 Ninja Chaos Dragons

1 Dark World

1 Fire Kings

I Inzektors

1 Wind-Ups


Quite a variety of decks are in the Top 8 this week. It seems that Verz Rabbit is gaining a lot of popularity and will see a lot of success in future tournaments until Road of the Tachyon Galaxy comes out.


Asia Championship 2011


Soh Jun Yuan, Jeff (Blackwings)

Bryan Tew (Blackwings)

Shelton (Six Samurais)

Milton (Blackwings)

5th-8th (No particular order)

Yong Qian Rui (Blackwings)

Shifu (Junk Doppel)

Clarence Foo (Six Samurais)

Hongrui (Six Samurais)

Congrats to Jeff on winning.

Active Game Collections Tournament 22/01/2010

Part 1

Deck Used: Angels

Match 1
VS Ocean Beat OO
Game 1: Won using Cold Wave with Honest and Herald of Orange Light into Goyo Guardian.
Game 2: Won by attacking Ocean with Venus while he had 400LP and I had Honest.

Match 2
VS Doppel Draw Dandy (Xiao Mei) OXO
Game 1: Double Honest helped me to win.
Game 2: Died to Kaien due to the inability of using Book of Moon on Tokens.
Game 3: Had triple Master Hyperion with two Agents to remove from play. Later when they both died I summoned Kristia which died to Raigeki Break. She used Reborn on my Hyperion and I struggled for quite a while since I only had 3 Angels in my graveyard. I then drew into Herald of Orange Light and attacked into her Doppel Warrior. I summoned Kristia which took back Herald of Orange Light. Controlled from there with Kristia.

Top 16
VS Doppel Draw Dandy (Xiao Mei) OO
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: She Solemned my Trishula, then Hyperion destroyed Spore and attacked with Mystic Shine Ball for the win.

Top 8
VS Limit Reverse (Junqi) OXX
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: Forgot what happened.
Game 3: I misplayed by opening PoD while I had Stardust which led to him using Raigeki Break on Stardust.

4th – 8th Placing Match
VS Lightsworn (You Win) XOO
Game 1: Got controlled by his Oppression until I drew Decree, he summoned JD and won soon after.
Game 2: Forgot what happened.
Game 3: He tried to use Goyo to pull my Venus but I used Herald of Orange Light. Summoned Hyperion next turn and controlled.

5th-6th Placing Match
VS Six Samurai (Jin Hao) ???
I topped him $2 to take the Tuning which I sold.

Result: 5th/6th Position

Part 2
Match 1
VS Limit Reverse Debris Dandy (Jonas) OO
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: Controlled with Kristia.

Match 2
VS Doppel Draw Dandy (Bank) XOX
Game 1: Drew a bad hand of many Hyperions and Krystias and struggled for a while until I drew Hecatrice and Valhalla helped me to survive for a while before losing.
Game 2: Forgot what happened.
Game 3: Drew too many Hyperions again with no Agents to summon it with.

Result: Scrubbed, but at least Bank helped me pay my Entry Fee.

Reflection: Lol, it seems that my hands were extremely good before playing with Bank. I opened with Earth almost every game with BOM or Herald of Orange Light to protect it. So, it was a pretty lucky day for me except for the last match.

Active Game Collections Tournament 15/10/2010

Deck used: Blackwings

Match 1
Zan Hao (Hero Beat) XOO
Game 1: Died to his Raious.
Game 2: Dark Armed Dragon controlled the game.
Game 3: Struggled with Gale and double Blizzard. Eventually Dark Armed Dragon came down

Match 2
Yong Siang (Six Samurai) XOO
Game 1: Died to the Shien lock.
Game 2: Not sure what happened here.
Game 3: I used Pot to get Kinetic Soldier with another one in my hand. I summoned Kinetic Soldier and he used Solemn Judgement on it. Later I summoned my second Kinetic and controlled the game.

Top 12
Yong Siang (Six Samurais) XOO
Game 1: Died to the Infinite Bushido Counter loop.
Game 2: Forgot what happened here.
Game 3: Kinetic Soldier controlled the game.

We offered to cover each others entry fees.

Top 6
Jia Jie (Six Samurais) XOO
Game 1: Died to the Shien lock.
Game 2: Goyo + Kinetic + Gozen Match FTW.
Game 3: Rushed him with Shura, Bora and double Kalut.

Shared with him.

Top 3
Potato (Lightsworn) XOX
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: Bora attacked into his Spore with Triple Kalut from Black Whirlwind.
Game 3: His Bulb milled Spore and he Foolished for Dandylion. Somehow he ended up with Judgment Dragon, Trishula and Brionac to kill me. (3000+2700+2300=8000)

Top 3
??? (Hyperion Angels) XOX
Game 1: Died to Hyperion spamming.
Game 2: Forgot how I won.
Game 3: He had Consecrated Light with 2 Mystic Shine Balls. I had Bora, and Booked his Consecrated Light. I summoned Shura and he used Torrential. Later he summoned Christia and I Oppressed it. I was left with about 3200LP, he summoned Venus and I warninged it, leaving me with 1200LP. He summoned Hyperion and I oppressed it again, leaving me with 400LP. Next turn he summoned another Hyperion FTW.

Result: 3rd with Kizan as my prize.

Exchanged the Kizan for 6 packs of GS 2011. Jia Jie had 2 packs. In the end we got 8 packs from a new box. Apparently, the box had no Normal Rares at all.

Excel CS Christmas Team Tournament 25/12/2010

I joined the tournament with Daren and Junqi.

I decided to run Debris Plants instead of Light Hero Beat because I was expecting to play against Six Samurais and Hero Beat does not have many ways to stop them. And Debris Plants has more ways to stop them.

Anyway I didn’t get to play against any Six Samurais, instead all I played against was Blackwings.

Player 1: Junqi
Player 2: Daren
Player 3: Lauren

Match 1
VS Winson (Blackwings) XX
Game 1: My hand was dead with double Debris Dragon and no other monsters. So I just used them to struggle for a while before I died to Arms Wing and Dark Armed Dragon.
Game 2: He opened DDV on me to stop me from summoning Trishula with Spore (Level 4)+Dandylion+Ryko. Managed to Trishula him later with something else but forgot how I died later.

Team Score: OXX

Match 2
VS Mind@#$% Guy (Blackwings) OXX
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: I discarded Sirocco with Spirit Reaper and then he summoned another one with Vayu in the graveyard while I had 1900LP.
Game 3: I got owned by Bottomless and Crevice.

Team Score: -XX

It was a 4 round swiss tournament, but we dropped out because there was no chance of winning.

Lorong Ah Soo Tournament 11/12/2010

Deck used: Gravekeepers

Match 1
VS Kaven (Quickdraw Dandy) XX
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: Died to double Cauis.

Match 2
VS Westley (Karakuri Machina) OXO
Game 1: Forgot what happened.
Game 2: Died to Bureido.
Game 3: Chimeratech Fortress  Dragon won the game.

Match 3
VS Jia Jie (Six Samurais) XX
Game 1: Died to the infinite Bushido Counter loop.
Game 2: Forgot what happened.