Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk

Play this card in Prophecy, it is good as you can easily make it with Veiler and Magician.

The most common way of bringing it out will be setting Judgment. Use it on your Opponent’s turn, and if either player uses a Spell, you can Search for Secrets and Special Summon Veiler.
During your turn, just use Secrets for Magician, and synch for this.

Against the


Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Kycoo has been seeing some play as a tech in many OCG Prophecy Decklists. It has many applications against the Big 3 of this format.

The big Dragons cannot activate their effects. More importantly, Breakthrough Skill which was brought in to counter Jowgen cannot trigger its effect from the Graveyard.

It also allows you to make a come back against a first turn Dragosac with 2 Tokens while establishing control of the game. For example, you start with a hand of Judgment, Secrets and another Spellbook. Open Judgment, use Secrets (1) to fetch Magician, Magician fetches Power, use Power (2) on Magician, kill off one Token, search for a Master with Power’s effect. Use Master (3) by revealing the other Spellbook in hand to search for Tower. Open Tower (4). During the End Phase add 4 different Spellbooks to your hand including one Fate and Special Summon Kycoo. While still in your End Phase, use Fate by Banishing 3 Spellbooks from your Graveyard to get rid of Dragosac. Your opponent shouldn’t have many outs to Kycoo since he should have used up most of his hand resources T1.
* Getting rid of at least 1 Token is crucial because if you leave him with both of them, he can just tribute them for a Dragon.

Your opponent can’t activate Fate, Life and is forced to Banish from the hand to activate Priestess’ effect.

1800 isn’t too big, but their only monster that can get rid of it by itself is Heliotrope, however when paired with Power it can easily get past Ophion. Kerykion can’t activate its effect and you can also Banish his Kerykion fodder and targets.
If they EEV you T1 and you have Tower in hand along with 3 other Spellbooks, you can special Kycoo from your deck and somewhat establish control from there, with him unable to use his Kerykion.

Guide to Prophecy (Spells)

Spellbook Judgment Day

The main reason why Prophecy was able to become one of the top decks of the format.


Hand: Spellbook Judgment Day, Spellbook of Secrets, any Spellbook card (for Master’s reveal).

Activate Judgment.

Activate Secrets (1) add Magician.

Summon Magician add Master.

Master copy Secrets (2) add Tower.

Activate Tower (3).

During the End Phase, add 3 Spellbook cards and Special Summon Justice.

Banish Justice, add 1 Spellbook and 1 Priestess.

Hand: 4 Spellbooks + 1 Priestess.

*Alternatively you can go into Jowgen.

Note that it also counts other Spells for its effect, so you can play stuff like TTOC and Upstart Goblin.


Spellbook of Secrets

The main engine of the deck, being able to tutor out any other Spellbook cards including Magician.


Spellbook of the Master

This card allows you to copy the Effect of a Spellbook Normal Spell  which lets you bypass the once per turn restriction most Spellbooks have. Remember that you must control a Spellcaster on the field in order to use this card. Also, you can reveal Magician for its effect, something that many players miss out on.


Spellbook of Fate

One of the few protection cards that this deck has, but it is extremely powerful with 3 amazing effects, depending on how many Spellbooks you Banish for its effect.

1: Return 1 Set Spell/Trap Card to the hand.

One of the least used effects, however it has some cute applications. You can use it to fuel your Judgment by setting another Spell/Trap card and bouncing it back to your hand. Also, you can chain it to backrow removal by bouncing the target back to you hand.

2: Change 1 monster on the field to either face-down Defense Position or face-up Attack Position.

Basically Book of Moon/Book of Taiyou in one card. You can use it to set your Magician in order to use its effect again. Changing battle positions to make it easier for your Power plays to go through.

One important play that I like a lot is chaining this Effect when my Magician gets Veilered, allowing me to get his effect twice while effectively wasting my Opponent’s Veiler.

3: Banish 1 card your opponent controls.

Very simple removal effect.

Note that you have to control a face-up Spellcaster in order to use Fate and that none of its effects target at all.


Spellbook of Power

Allows your monsters to get over bigger ones. You can even pump by 2000ATK in conjunction with Master. It doesn’t have to send the destroyed monster to the Graveyard, so it works with tokens or cards like Dimensional Fissure.

Spellbook of Wisdom

Forbidden Lance for the deck. Unlike Lance, you have to choose either Spell or Trap cards for its protection effect, so if you can traps, you are still able to use Power on your Spellcaster. Good for turning off the increased Level from Life too.


Spellbook of Life

Premature Burial for the deck, note that you have to reveal another Spellbook Spell Card in order to activate it. Mostly used to revive Priestess or Veiler. With Veiler, you can access a myriad of Synchro monsters due to Life adding Levels to it. If you want, you can “turn off” the extra levels with Wisdom.


Spellbook of Eternity

Recursion for your banished Spellbooks, most probably from Priestess or Fate. Works nicely with Master. Quite useful sometimes to get extra searches off Judgment.


The Grand Spellbook Tower

Great in the long game with  constant +1s while refilling your deck with Spellbooks. When it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard you can special summon a Spellcaster with a Level equal to the amount of Spellbooks in the Graveyard, meaning you  can at least special summon a Level 1 Spellcaster from your deck, mostly Veiler.

Note that it doesn’t state that it has to be destroyed on the field, so it will trigger off a card like Eradicator Epidemic Virus.


One Day of Peace

Good card that has high synergy with Judgment. Firstly, it serves as a Spell card for its effect. Secondly, it gives you one more turn to survive, allowing you to make full use of the advantage you gained from Judgment.


Toon Table of Contents

Fuel for Judgment, ending off with 3 searches. Drawing too many of this card or Toon Gemini Elf is terrible.


Upstart Goblin

More fuel for Judgment. Remember to pay attention to the Life Points before activating this card, because unlike other decks that play this card, Prophecy actually does win by reducing your Opponent’s Life Points to 0.

Guide to Prophecy (Monsters)

High Priestess of Prophecy

Boss monster of the deck, searchable by Justice . Note that it can also Banish a Spellbook from the Hand for its Effect. One of the better outs against LADD as you can just keep revealing when it negates her summoning Effect.


Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

The tutor of the deck, able to fetch any Spellbook Spell card from your deck. Note that Magician is a Spellbook card itself, so you can add it to your hand with Secrets or reveal it with Master.


Justice of Prophecy

With the introduction of Spellbook Judgment Day to the deck, this card is seeing a lot more play due to its Synergy with Judgment.

Example: Activate Judgment, Activate 3 Toon Table of Contents, adding another copy with each effect. During the End Phase, add 3 Spellbooks to your hand and Special Summon Justice. Still in the End Phase, Banish Justice to add another Spellbook and a Priestess to your Hand.

In the end, you gain 4 Spellbooks+ 1 Priestess off this simple combo.


Effect Veiler

Other than being a staple handtrap for simple Effect Negation, Effect Veiler serves many other purposes in this deck.

Here are some of them:

Special Summon target for Judgment, especially when you only add one Spellbook card.

Able to be used for both the Cost and Effect of Spellbook of Life.

Tuner monster, which works quite well with High Priestess of Prophecy in making cards like Crimson Blader. Extremely versatile with Spellbook of Life and its Level adjustment effect.


Jowgen the Spiritualist

Can be summoned by the Effect of Judgment if you add 3 Spellbooks to your hand. Big game changer in one of the deck’s toughest matchup which is Dragons.

Example: On the first turn, go for the Judgment combo, adding 3 Spellbooks and Special Summoning this card.

Your opponent cannot Special Summon his big Dragons and the only monsters that he can summon to get rid of Jowgen are Stream, Reactan and Eclipse Wyvern. You can further implement the Jowgen soft-lock by setting protection for it like Fate or Waboku. If you can get either Shining Elf or Armoured Kappa out before Jowgen is on the field, they will serve as good protection too.

Its other effect is handy too, it allows you to wreck pre-established boards of Special Summoned Monsters. Note that the discard is random, so you should set your important cards before using his effect.

You can revive him with Life, use its Effect destroying itself along with your Opponent’s monsters, then proceeding with Special Summoning your own monsters.

You can also turn Jowgen off with Fate or Book of Moon.

Toon Gemini Elf

Mainly used as a target for Toon Table of Contents, allowing you to activate 3 on the same turn. It cannot attack on the turn it is summoned, so you have to wait a turn before you can attack with her. You can somewhat bypass this by summoning her with either Judgment or Tower on your Opponent’s Turn.

Having a respectable Attack of 1900 allows her to work well with Jowgen to apply pressure on your opponent by taking away both his Life Points and Hand Cards.

Being Level 4 gives me access to a wider variety of Synchro Summons with Veiler and Life.

Injection Fairy Lily

Used to get rid of threats like Evilswarm Ophion as well as having applications in other beatdown based matchups. Can also randomly steal games with its high damage output.

March 2013 Forbidden/Limited List



Wind-Up Zenmaity


Wind-Up Magician

One Day of Peace

Solemn Warning



Thunder King Rai-Oh

Advanced Ritual Art



Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

Shien’s Smoke Signal

Mind Crush




Seems like a decision to curb the usage of Tour Guide of the Underworld. With Sangan banned, players will have to resort to playing other Level 3 Fiend types like Night Assailant. The only deck that might still play Tour Guide of the Underworld would be Dark Worlds to bring out Broww. 

Also, when Maxx “C” is chained to the effect of Tour Guide of the Underworld, the player can’t special summon Sangan to try and minimise the loss.

Wind-Up Zenmaity

The first XYZ monster to be Forbidden in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh. In my opinion, Limiting Wind-Up Magician was more than enough, banning Wind-Up Zenmaity is a little too much. 


Wind-Up Magician

Pretty much an expected hit, Wind-Ups while not really that dominant in the OCG scene are still extremely imbalanced with their 2 card Combo of Wind-Up Magician and Wind-Up Shark. 

One Day of Peace

An integral part of many degenerate decks such as Final Countdown and Gishki FTK. I even tried it out when testing out the new Prophecy deck, and it worked out pretty well. It counts as a Spell card for Judgment and can protect you for the turn from getting killed, allowing you to make full advantage of the cards searched out by Judgment.

Solemn Warning

Not really a problem right now, but I can see Konami’s reasoning for this hit. Basically, the starting player gets even more advantage if they start with this card, with their opponent being unable to play around it.

Most decks will be able to pull of their key summons with ease. More relevant examples are Evilswarms and Prophecy.



Unbanning it made not much of a difference to be honest. It serves as sort of an out to Ophion/Rai-Oh for Prophecy, as well as flipping Magicians down. Most likely going to be Unlimited in September 2013.

Thunder King Rai-Oh

Seems like an attempt to indirectly boost Fire Fists and Prophecy. OCG players hardly play it due to Evilswarms and their 1950 attack range. Might make a much larger difference in the TCG due to their lack of Evilswarms.

Advanced Ritual Art

Could Konami be trying to bring back Rituals? Maybe in conjunction with Rescue Rabbit? I would hate to see Herald of Perfection being a contender in the Metagame again.



Unbanning it made no difference at all. I don’t think Spore getting unlimited will make a difference too.

Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow

Blackwings are kind of dead, so I highly doubt this will change much.

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

Just another boost for Lightsworns, similar to Blackwings. However, this move might not be very good as Judgment Dragon is extremely powerful and can easily steal games.

Shien’s Smoke Signal

An attempt to indirectly counter Fire Fists/Prophecy by making Naturia Beast much easier to bring out.

Mind Crush

Mind Crush was already played quite a lot in OCG side decks. Counters Mermails and Prophecy even more.


Not exactly a good list, but it isn’t too bad since the meta before the Banlist was pretty good.

I feel that they hit Wind-Ups a little too hard with Zenmaity, the deck wouldn’t even see much play with just Magician to 1.

They missed out on hitting Water, I felt that it was pretty dominant in the OCG for quite some time. However, it is quite new in the TCG, so that may be their reason for not hitting it. Although I would prefer if they Limit Dragoons to 1 in order to curb the usage of Genex Undine as well as promoting the new Mermail stuff in LTGY.

Fire Fists and Prophecy are still quite new, so I don’t expect them to get hit. However, I feel that the latter is a little too overpowered with Judgment, but we will see in about a few weeks.

Also, Dark Worlds should see a lot more play with Mind Crush at 3 and EEV is very good against most of the Meta.